Trembling at God's Word

Trembling at God's Word - Isa66.1-5


v1 God's Home

His throne is exalted in the skies, and earth is His footstool!

Solomon recognized the smallness of his grand worship place (1Kgs8.27)

Jews came to trust in the temple of the LORD (Jer7.4)

Stephen concludes his rebuke of 1st C Jews (Ax7.47-50)


v2 Offering Created things

Every thing designed for a purpose. (None sufficient to comprise religion).

Already at God's disposal. What more benefit can we give Him of them?

(v2b - Deep Divine Desire - hold until v5)


v3 Empty Religion = False Religion

  1. offered      in pretense - to impress others, God maybe?
  2. offered      to offset / payoff other shortcomings - hypocrisy
  3. after      long use - show of form w/o heart - habitual ritualism

might as well be blatant idolatry! how fake religion looks to God.


v4 Choices...

We choose stubbornness - God chooses punishment!

Disobedience Defined: not listening when God calls

(as previously in 65.11&12 - false religion ignores the true, does its own thing)

Reason in Human heart: stubbornness / determined to go own way


v5: Trembling at God's Word

To whom does the High and Holy God have regard? (Isa57.15)

He doesn't actually even NEED sacrifice: Psa50.8-12

True Offering: A broken spirit and a humble heart (Psa51.14-17)

What Yahweh wants: a pliable spirit in one who trembles at His word.

Evidence of genuine humility: submission to God's will

Example: King Josiah, who humbled himself (2Chron34.26-28)

Example: King Jehoakim, who cut out & burned each column (Jer36.23&24)

Example: How restoration & renewal comes (Ezra9.4) & commitment (Ezra10.3)


How we should respond to Divine Judgment: Psa119.120 / (Hab3.16)

Two choices: despise or fear the message - Prov13.13

If not - a hard heart is headed for disaster! Prov28.14


God has spoken! & the universe responds! Do we?

1) How the jailer came to the Lord's messengers - Ax16.29

2) The way Christian's work out their salvation - Phil2.12,13

What IS God's Message? / Are we listening? following instructions?