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Mark's Gospel 2014

We introduce this series of studies with some notes on the Background to Mark.
The Beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God: Mark1a.
The call of the disciples and authoritative teaching of Jesus: Mark1b
Healing many sick people and preaching in Galillee: Mark1c.
Power on earth to forgive sins & the calling of disciple Matthew: Mark2a.
The new ministry of Jesus does not conform to old tradition: Mark2b.
The opposition to Jesus really crystallizes in this section: Mark2c3a.
At this critical junction, the Lord retreats to secure His core group: Mark3b.
His family thinks He's crazy, and the scribes says he's possessed: Mark3c.
The Lord turns to parables as a primary teaching technique: Mark4a.
Jesus now explains the positive purpose of parables and adds two more: Mark4b.
The disciples are caught out on the lake during a terrible storm... Mark4c.
Jesus converts and commissions the apostle to the Gadarenes: Mark 5a.
Jesus heals the woman with 12 year bleeding and raises the 12 year old girl: Mark5b.
His service matures in Galilee with a visit to His home town of Nazareth: Mark 6a.
Jesus work in Galilee peaks & Mark explains how John met his end: Mark6b.
On His way to a retreat, the Lord teaches and feeds 5,000! Mark6c
From prayer on a lonely mountain, to a walk on a windy lake. Mark6d
Is it tradition OR our heart that determines our holiness before God? Mark7a
On His third retreat from Galilee, the Lord serves the Gentiles: Mark7b 
Jesus feeds 4,000 folks and reproves the Pharisees for seeking a sign: Mark8a.
On His 4th and final retreat, Jesus warns of His coming suffering: Mark8b.
The three closest disciples are treated to a view of Jesus in true form: Mark9a.
The Lord returns to find the 9 struggling with a mute demon. Mark9b. 
Looking towards the cross, Jesus trains the 12 on sacrifice, humility, & service: Mark9c.
Jesus further warns that stumbling in faith can lead to Hell: Mark9d.
The "Straight" Sect tests the Lord: "Can a man divorce his wife?" Mark10a.
How can the rich partake in God's Kingdom? With difficulty. Mark10b

On the road to Jerusalem, Jesus details His coming suffering. Mark10c.
At Jericho the Lord stops to restore sight to a blind man: Mark10d.
His entrance to Jerusalem - riding a donkey - greatly celebrated: Mark11a.
The lesson of the fig tree & cleansing the temple: Mark11b.
The Question of Authority in Religion: Is it from Heaven or Men? Mark11c.
The Parable of the Vineyard: How God sent prophets & His Son. Mark12a.
The Day of Debates: Paying Taxes and the Resurrection. Mark12b.
An earnest scribe ask "What is the most important commandment?" Mark12c.
Warning about the Leading Religious groups & poor widow's pennies. Mark12d.
Jesus begins the Olivet Discourse by warning the Apostles to be faithful: Mark13a.
The Apostles are told how to escape the Destruction of Jerusalem in AD70: Mark13b.
The Judgement on Jerusalem soon but unspecified date - so be always Ready! Mark13c.
While leaders and Judas conspire, Mary annoints Jesus before His burial. Mark14a.
The Lord converts Passover into His memorial & warns disciples of desertion. Mark14b.
Jesus prays in Gethsemane and is there betrayed to the Jews by Judas. Mark14c.
Hearings before the Jewish grand jury & Peter's own trial of faith. Mark14d.
The Jewish trial ends and the Roman trial proceeds. Jesus before Pilate: Mark15a.
Sorely mistreated by Roman soldiers & cruelly crucified, crowds jeering: Mark15b.
Darkness covers the land as Jesus finishes His offering on the cross: Mark15c.
On the First Day women are the first to view the empty tomb & report: Mark16a.
Jesus appears to the Apostles and sends them into the world on a mission: Mark16b.

Supplement: What did Jesus mean by crying, "Why have you forsaken me?" Psalm 22