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Sermon on Mount

Lessons from the Sermon on the Mount:

  • The Huge Difference between intention & reality in religion: Lord, Lord!
  • For the Kingdom of God & His Rightness - Keep on Asking, Searching, Knocking 
  • Until you've submitted to God's judgment, Don't Judge.
  • Don't waste your life collecting junk! Focus on investing in True Treasure.
  • The 'FAST-track' to stronger faith and deeper godliness: When You Fast
  • Instead of putting on a show, we should be engaged in Secret Prayer
  • While our carnal nature says, "Hate your enemy," Jesus says, "Love Your Enemy."
  • Christ says that Divorce itself is a leading cause of Adultery: Holy Matrimony
  • The Lord convicts us of breaking the heart of His Law by Mental Murder