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Questions & Answers - 2014

Bible Questions and Answers 1

What is the Greatest Book ever written?

The Bible

What does the word Bible Mean?

The Book

What are the main parts of the Bible?

Old and New Testament

Who wrote the Bible?

40 men who were inspired by the Holy Spirit.

How many books are in the Bible?


How many books are there in the Old Testament?


How Many books in the New Testament?


What does Genesis 1:1 say?

"In the beginning God created The Heaven and The Earth."

What did God make on the 1st. Day?

Light -- Gen 1:3-5

What did God make on the 2nd day?

Firmament -- sky -- Gen 1:6-8

What did God Make on the 3rd day?

Sea, Land & Vegetation -- Gen 1:9-13

What did God Make on the 4th day?

Sun, Moon & Stars -- Gen 1:14-19

What did God Make on the 5th day?

Fish & Fowls- Gen 1:20-23

What did God Make on the 6th day?

Animals & Man -- Gen. 1:24-31

What did God do on the 7th day?

He Rested- Gen 2:1-3

Who was the 1st Man and Woman?

Adam & Eve  -- Gen. 1:26-27 & Gen.2:21-25

What was Adam made from?

Dust of the ground - Gen.2:7

What was Eve made from?

Adam"s Rib -- Gen. 2:22

What was Adam and Eve's 1st. Home called?

Garden of Eden -- Gen 2:15


Questions & Answers 2

What are the names of Adam & Eve's children?
 Cain, Abel , Seth & he had other sons and daughters:  

Who was the first murder?


Who walked with God?


Who was the oldest man?


Who built the ark?


What were the names Noah's sons ?

                Shem, Ham & Japheth

Where did the ark land after the flood?

                       Mount Ararat

What sign was given to Noah that God would never destroy the world with water again?


What was the name of the tower that the people tried to build to heaven?


Who was the man known for his patience?


Who were the three Hebrew Fathers?

             Abraham, Isaac & Jacob

Who was the Father of the faithful?


What did God promise Abraham?

 Thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice. 

 Who was Abraham's wife?


Who was Abraham's sons?

                     Ishmael & Isaac

Who was Isaac's sons?

                        Jacob & Esau

Who sold his birthright?


What was Jacob's other name?


How many children did Jacob have?


How many were boys and how many were girls?

               12 Sons & 1 Daughter


Questions & Answers 3

What was the Descendants of Jacob's Sons Called?

12 Tribes of Israel

 Who had the coat of many colors?


 How did Joseph get into Egypt?

His Brothers sold him.

]Who was the baby taken out of the river?


 Who was Moses sister?


 Why did Moses flee from Egypt?

He killed an Egyptian

 Where did God speak to Moses from?

Burning Bush.

 Who was Moses Brother?


 How many plagues were there?


 Name the 10 Plagues?

Water to blood, Frogs, Lice, Flies,plague on  livestock , Boils, Hail, Locusts, Darkness, Death of firstborn.

 How did Moses and the people get across the Red Sea?

God Parted the waters.

 What was on the two tablets of stone?

Ten Commandments

 What was the food that came from Heaven called?



Questions & Answers 4

What is the first book in the Bible?

: What is the last book in the Bible?

What four books tell about Jesus life on Earth?
 Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

: What is the longest book in the Bible?

What is the shortest book in the Bible?
 3 John

How many disciples did Jesus choose?

 Which NT book has Jesus' Sermon on the Mount?

Who was Jesus' human mother?

 Who was Jesus' most famous cousin?
 John the Baptist

What was another name for the Apostle Paul?
Saul of Tarsus

Which book tells about the visit of the Wise-men to baby Jesus?


 Who wrote the book of Acts?


Who wrote the book of Revelation?


Who said, "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand"?

 (John the Baptist)


How many times did Peter deny Jesus?


Who was ship-wrecked in the New Testament?


Which New Testament book tells about Paul's conversion?