Pine Prairie Church Of Christ


On December 20, 1947 in Pine Prairie, Louisiana, Brother and Sister Lambert Rabb and their daughter Dorothy met in the home of Brother and Sister Boyd Whittington and their son Charles for worship services. For several months they continued to meet in the Whittington’s home.


The following summer, Brother Frank Mullins was contacted to hold a revival meeting. Five or six people were baptized at this time.  Two ministers, along with Brother and Sister Rabb, selected to lots for the location of the church building. Brother Boyd Whittington donated the money to purchase one of the lots.


In 1948, Sister Rabb’s father, Brother Arthur Johnson, built the building with the exception of the ceiling. The Turkey Creek Church Of Christ donated pews.


There was no regular preacher at this time. Brother Rabb taught the adult Bible Class on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. Brother Cecil Brooks of Dallas drove once a month to Pine Prairie to assist in the work.


Brethren Gabriel Istre, Harry Prather, Nathan Curtis, Arthur Johnson, Earl Mullins, Vernon Litherland, John Burges, Robert Istre, Robert Johnson, Herbert Ingalls, Jack Thompson, Tim Morrow and Eddie Olberding have all served as preachers for the church in the past. The current minister is Jonathan Johnson