Aztec church of Christ History

In the 1940's and early '50's the city of Aztec, New Mexico began to grow by leaps and bounds. Two Christian families decided that they would meet in one another's homes for worship instead of traveling to nearby Farmington. In 1952, they did just that. It was not long before several other families moved into the area and joined them.

Very soon, it was necessary to stop meeting in homes, and the group started  meeting in the VFW hall instead. By the beginning of summer, 1954, Aztec Church of Christ had outgrown the VFW hall and built its own building on the edge of town.  After continued growth the congregation decided it was time to move once again, and purchased the current location at 201 Ruins Road.  The foresight of the members at that time has proved to be nothing short of remarkable, as the building and land have provided the congregation with amble room for growth and have placed the congregation in a central location as far as the city boundaries are concerned.

Throughout its history the congregation has supported many mission activities, both local and foreign.  In the 1970's and early 80's the congregation maintained a very active bus ministry.  In the late 1980's and into the decade of the 90's the congregation was especially active in foreign missions, with several members of the congregation making trips to Lithuania to encourage and teach their Christian brothers and sisters in that country.
Just as with the surrounding area, the congregation has seen periods of both growth and recession.  Its longevity can be credited to the faithful proclamation of many qualified preaching ministers, and to working ministry and the dedication of the faithful members who have put their faith in Christ Jesus.  During the periods when a preaching minister was not working with them the men of the congregation continued the preaching and teaching duties of the church.  It is that history of service and dedication that has provided the current atmosphere of optimism and excitement that surrounds the congregation.
Once again the congregation in Aztec is poised for growth.  We look back with respect to honor those whose faith and forsight provided us with the family that meets together for weekly worship and encouragement.  We look forward to give glory to the God that has blessed this congregation for over 50 years.

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