Ladies Bible Seminar!

Invite anyone you know (and even those you don't know)! The only excepction to that is that this is a seminar for ladies only. 

Theme: Christ in Colossians (Studies from the letter Paul wrote to the Colossian Christians). A time of Bible study, fellowship, games, and food! 

9:30 a.m ~ Registration 
10:00 a.m. ~ "Saved by Christ" ~ Patti Carter
11:00 a.m. ~ "Converted to Christ" ~ Mary Phillips 
Noon - 1:30 p.m. ~ Lunch 
1:30 p.m. ~ "Life in Christ" ~ Kimberly Sparks
2:30 p.m. ~ "Service for Christ" ~ Jesse Cobb

Please RSVP by March 23, if you can. 

If you have any questions, please call, text, FaceBook, or contact us via the "send us a message" feature on our home page. 
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