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Name: Stephanbie Hackworth 
E-Mail: skhackworth@yahoo.com 


I have enjoyed listening to lots of these sermons.  Thx

Name: Kidane 
E-Mail: yoelk@africamail.com 


Greetings brothers in the Lord's church. I admore the way I see in your website that you are progressing and that you have every freedom to praise His name at anytime you wish without being questioned. Pray that this world be freer and that even few of us here can have rights in His name to praise Him.

IF you have bible materials please dont hesitate to send us.



Name: dale sherry 
E-Mail: dalefsherry@hotmail.com 


might be purchasing a home in red rock or marana.  How large is your congregation?  Predominate age groups, need for ministry leaders/members?

Name: Caldwell family: Jay, Deborah, Jacie 
E-Mail: jbcaldwell60@hotmail.com 


It was great to visit with you all this Lord's day. Great fellowship, with worship in Spirit and in Truth. Grace and peace be with you all.