Medical Mission Update #2

Thursday, October 15, 2009
Jamie and I left Trenton at 8:15 AM and ate Breakfast at IHOP in Chattanooga. Got to Chattanooga Airport at 10:00 AM. Unloaded and parked. Suitcases were OK on weight and Jamie left and I went through security at 10:45 A. Louise called and she and Dirt had returned to Mobile from their cruise. Spoke with Laurie and Leigh before leaving.
Boarded ASA flight at 11:10 A and plane left terminal at 11:30 A (on time). Waited on tarmac for 50 minutes due to back up in Atlanta.
Left at 12:25 P. Arrived in ATL at 1:00 P for 1:40 P flight to Tokyo. Sprinted from gate C-60 to E-11 like OJ Simpson. Got on flight NWA flight 801 at 1:10 PM. Flight was delayed on tarmac until 310 PM. Left for Tokyo 1 ½ hours late. Pilot expects to be 15 min late in Tokyo.
4:00 P Snack served. Mini Pretzels and Ginger Ale. Plane is an older 747-400 with no individual screens in seats. One big screen……First, The Office then a 30 minute show on scuba diving in Cayman Islands.
4:30 Dinner was served. BBQ Chicken strips with mashed potatoes and green beans and corn and crackers and a brownie with green tea. Really pretty good.
About 5:30 crossed in to Canada and I took about a 2 ½ hour nap. Then walked a bit around the plane and met some of the 403 souls sharing the ride. At 8:00 PM we flew over the Pacific and then over Alaska and saw the mountains covered with snow. Unbelievable the power of God!
830 PM Over Alaska was served a 3” sub sandwich, grapes. a Milano cookie and some water. Stewardess felt sorry for Dad and me--thought we looked underfed and gave us a second pack!

Saturday, October 17, 2009
It is just about midnight EDT and we are headed south toward Japan. Crossed the International Dateline so Friday disappeared. We’ll get it back on the way home. Here it is noon Philippine Standard time and we are to arrive in Tokyo at 5:40 local time and then after 2 hours head to Manila to meet the other 15 folks who flew with Demar Elam through Detroit. Had very nice visits with a man from Manila who had been there three weeks ago during the flooding and with a young woman who sat with us and is from Ft. Worth but her family lives between Manila and Baguio City and has been flooded.
3:15 AM local time and in the afternoon in Japan we were served fried rice and fruit with green tea and a roll. Beginning descent into Narita just 10 minutes late after leaving ATL more than an hour and half late. On the ground in Japan at 5:15 PM Friday afternoon local Japan time (415 AM Friday EDT)
At the gate and waiting at 6 PM for a 730 Flight that boards in 30 minutes for the 4 ½ flight to Manila.
A perfect three for three day on flights being late. We boarded on time but some luggage issues meant that the last 1979 miles of the trip would not leave until 7:05 PM Philippine time--about 36 minutes late, which means I have spent over 4 hours on tarmacs between Chattanooga, Atlanta and Tokyo. But we are on the final air leg and should arrive in Manila at about 1120 PM as the captain said he had favorable routing and winds tonight and should get us on the ground on time. and hopefully a charter bus will be waiting on us and take us to the hotel in Dagupan which is about 200 km northwest of Manila. Already had a short nap waiting in Narita on the ground and headed for another.
A little after 8 PM woke up for a hot towel and a snack of peanuts and tomato juice. Should be inside of 10 hours to the Lenox Hotel if all goes well. I intend to listen to the Dade County Lady Wolverines in the Sweet 16 softball state tourney on the internet hopefully @ the hotel! But the matter at hand at 845 PM is dinner. It was braized beef with rice and oriental vegetables, a tossed salad with Italian dressing and a brownie and green tea, Suppose that will be the last meal on the plane as we are less than two hours from Manila. Smooth landing and on the ground at 1106 PM. Cleared Customs at 1205 and all luggage made it except for Ronnie Missildine’s (my roommate and the preacher at the Central church in Dalton) two bags which will be delivered to Hotel Lenox when it arrives. Finally got on the bus at about 1:20 AM and headed for Dagupan and the Hotel. We are slated to be there by 6 AM for breakfast. A short night as we head to the PTC campus at 900 AM.
Got up and got ready and left about 9;30 AM after breakfast.
Spent the day at PTC working on medical supplies, had a devotional in beautiful Moultrie Hall and then was fed a very good lunch of fried chicken, adobo, oriental vegetables and rice with fresh fruit sald for dessert. Worked 1 ½ hours knocking doors for Medical mission and services on Sunday with a heat index of 98 F. Returned to hotel at 3 PM and slept well after a light meal in the Café Feliz in the hotel.
 Sunday, October 18, 2009
Slept great for a first night in the hotel! Woke up at 7 AM and dressed and had breakfast. Left for campus and due to some scheduling miscommunication had to return to Hotel to pickup Dale and Deidre Byrum so we got officially off at about 900 AM. The van dropped me and two of the student preachers, Rodell and Richard on the street in Alaminos at 945. We were picked up and rode in an old Toyota Jeep that had been rebuilt by hand out to Pariaso church of Christ in the mountain out side of town. I spoke on God Has Always Had A Plan for Saving Man. There were 37 present and after services the ladies had a merienda (or snack) for us. It was a fruit salad in some sweet creamy mixture of coconut milk and water, I think.
We left with our driver and the two students and drove 25 minutes to the coast and 100 Islands National Park where we ate lunch overlooking the islands at Maxine’s on the water. Our table was on a covered pier out about 30 yards out in the bay. A beautiful scene and open air. Before we recieved our food a thunderstorm blew in and it poured rain but we they rolled down the plastic sheets and we had a wonderful lmeal. The local preacher and his wife, our driver and the two students and me had a wonderful seafood meal. We had family style sweet and sour Philippine grouper, grilled bangus (milkfish) a delicious shrimp soup, rice and fried calamari.
At 200 PM we left to ride back to the campus in a trike sidecar that was bck to campus in a side car built to haul goats. They had tied a plastic chair in for me to sit in and Rodell and Richard rode the motorcycle. After 2 hours we made it back to campus after a really different view of the road from Alaminos.
We worked about 2 ½ hours on medicine assembly in Quitman Hall to prepare for Monday’s Medical Mission on Campus. At 6:30 we left for the Hotel and at 700 PM had dinner at Café Feiliz with Dale, Deidra, Bryrum and Steve McCasslin.
By 830 was in the room and called Jamie and then went to bed about 1000 PM.
 Monday, October 19, 2009
The alarm was set for 530 AM but my internal clock went off at 445 and I got up and got dressed very rested after a good night’s sleep. After breakfast we left for PTC at 630 AM and our first day of the medical mission. When we arrived on campus at 715 over 250 people were already waiting on us at Moultrie Hall. The overwhelming majority had childeren with them that needed treatment. After a devotional with the people waiting, we went to our assigned stations. In Moultrie Hall, the folks were registered and given a number for treatment. They were then seen by the team of Filipino doctors and nurses and American nurses who had clinic set up on the end of the old boys’ dorm. They would then proceed to the door of Quitman Hall and receive medications or vitamins and consult with Joe Higgins from Arab, AL, our pharmacist. He is amazing with his organizational skills and the ability to put out lots of medicine. On this trip, Christians provided over $120,000 worth of medicines for this mission.
Today the 4 doctors saw over 500 patients and Joe and his staff had a bad of supplies and/or prescription medicines for each one. What job of healing the body of many folks who will not see a doctor until we return, Lord willing, next year. The most traumatic illness of the day was a 9 month old baby with a severe cleft palate. The mother asked if we could help, and when Demar Elam saw the baby, he said we would help. When inquiries were made with the doctors we were told the surgery cannot be done until the baby is 2 years old. It will cost about $1000 to have the surgery. Be praying about how you can help in the next 15 months! Joe and the doctors and team also distributed medicine and a cane to a 74 year old sister in Christ who had beenn walking with crutches. It was amazing to see jer joy and that of her family when she was able to walk with the 4 point cane!
After their medical needs were met, each adult was met with by one of the PTC teachers or an area preacher who at least gave them a Bible Correspondence Course or if possible referred them to Big John Elam Social Hall where me and seven other American preachers with Filipino students or staff members ot translate were waiting to have Bible study with them. My first study was with a 72 year old lady who had been studies with several times. After an hour of study, I asked her, "Would you like to become a Christian?” She said, "Right now!” and she was. I had several more studies with groups from two to 6 souls with some signing up for BCC and some having scheduled follow up studies in their homes.
About 2 PM a group of 5 men came to my table that included two police officers. As we began to talk I was informed that the two non officers were Barangy officials (our equivelant of City Councilmen) After an hour of study with me and Dan Vines from Adairsville, one indicated he was ready to be baptized and the other three looked lie they had some questions, so I asked Roger Bernando to answer the questions without a translator. This often allows for more spontaneous discussion and Roger is one of the most competent gospel preachers and personal workers I have ever met. Rover answered questions for about 15 minutes and all four were baptized. What great addition to the church in Salumonge Sur this was. Now there are four current Barangy officials, two police officers and a retired Barangy Captain (like the mayor) who are now active members of the Lord’s church that meets on the PTC campus.
At noon we had a wonderful Filopino meal of rice, fried chicken, goat, beef and vegetables before returning to work.
After a long day with temperature near 90 and a heat index of 97, we saw our last patient and completed the last Bible study at about 500 PM. During the day over 500 people saw the medical team and 15 souls were baptized. It was truly another amazing day for the Lord in the Philippines!
After we returned to campus, many of the team ate in the restaurant but I chose a bottle of water and peanut butter crackers and an hour nap before devotional to end the day, which I closed by watching the Atlanta Falcons beat the Bears on ESPNAsia! Ready for a good night’s sleep and day 2 of the Salumonge Sur Medical Mission tomorrow.


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