In today's world of political correctness being"pro-choice" has reference to a woman's "right" to choose whether or not to have an abortion. However, in a recent national TV advertisement a woman chose to have her baby. The loony left went ape. Mainstream Christians can only conclude that being "pro-choice means you have no choice. Abortion is the only possible choice in our "Alice in Wonderland world" where everything is topsy-turvy. We were not always confused about choice actually meaning choice. God has always given man a choice. The decisions we make in life are not always good decisions. But these decisions arfe always our personal choices. When we end up in the guttes of life it is because of our bad choices.

America today reminds us of Israel in the days of Isaiah. He writes. "This is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the Lord: Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophet, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy, deceits" (Isaiah 30:9-10). Although once considered a God fearing nation, we no longer are willing to listen to God's will as revealed in His book the Bible. We demand our preachers preach smooth things and not disturb us by teaching the truths about right and wrong, good and evil. We prefer "deceits" to the righteousness revealed in the gospel (Romans 1:16-18). We are in danger of causing "the Holy One of Israel to cease from before us" (Isaiah 30:11).

We, as a nation, must once more choose to turn to our Creator. We must choose to reflect the attitude of the Psalmist, "Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path" (Psalm 119:104-105). What you choose in this life will determine where you will spend eternity. Heaven or Hell, the choice is your!

Dale I. Royal
Elk City, OK

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek." "For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith." "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;"