While there have been many persistent rumors that there are groups of folks here in America and other nations who practice human sacrifice as part of their "Satanic rituals,” we have found it impossible to document. However, it is our personal conviction that such things have and are taking place. There is a website by the "Church of Satan” that claims to be the only "official” site, started by "Magus Anton Szandor LaVey” in April of 1966. LaVey died in 1997, but his organization still continues under the direction of "Magistra Blanche Barton,” LeVey’s "consort.” On their website is a description of the "Satanic baptism” of his three year old daughter, Zeena. The following is a direct quote from their website and story: 

"In the name of Satan, Lucifer...Welcome a new mistress Zeena, creature of ecstatic magic light...Welcome to our company; the path of darkness welcomes thee. Be not afraid. Above you Satan heaves his bulk into the startled sky and makes a canopy of great black wings...Small sorceress, most natural and true magician, your tiny hands have power to pull Heaven down and from it build monuments to your own sweet indulgence. Your power makes you master of the world of frightened, cowering and guilt-ridden men. And so, in the name of Satan, we set your feet upon the left-hand path...Zeena we baptize you with earth and air, with brine and burning flame. And so we dedicate your life to love, to passion, to indulgence, and to Satan, and the way of darkness. Hail Zeena! Hail Satan!” 

Notice the last sentence of the "ceremony.” He dedicated his three year old daughter’s life to "love, to passion, to indulgence, and to Satan.” We would never recommend going to his website, and we will not link to it in this article. However, it is filled with pornographic pictures, articles, and far worse illustrating death, vampirism, and even more. We would have no difficulty with saying that the content alone of this site would stimulate impressionable minds with fornication, bondage, mutilation, murder and even worse! 

Twenty five years ago, this writer and his wife spoke with law enforcement people who affirmed that on different occasions they had found bodies on the beaches both north and south of San Francisco, CA that definitely fit the pattern of some kind of religious ritual sacrifices. Human sacrifices are nothing new. The Aztecs did it, some of the South Sea Islanders did it to pacify the "god” of a volcano, and even the Jews did it during a time when they were unfaithful to God. In Jeremiah 32:35 the Bible says, "And they built the high places of Baal, which are in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire unto Molech; which I commanded them not, neither came it into my mind, that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.” The passing their children "through the fire unto Molech” refers to a time that they sacrificed their children to the "god” Molech! Thus even Judah succumbed to the practices of the people about them in time of weakness. The Bible never approves of human sacrifice, and when Judah did practice it for a brief period of time, they were punished by Jehovah God! 
This writer cannot prove human sacrifices take place in Satan worship today. However, do I believe it does take place? Absolutely. When you surf some of the sites on the internet that are about Satan worship, they definitely do not discourage it. Do they encourage it? Yes they do. They encourage any outrageous, lawless, self-indulgent behavior you could imagine!
 Ed Rodgers, Muskogee, OK