Characteristics of their life: 

When one looks at the life of Jesus, we have to be impressed with the quality, humility and sinlessness of it. Although the gospels focus on only about three and a half years of His life, His relations with others, including those who were immoral were spotless. Many accusations are levied against Him, but there is absolutely no evidence at all. He was able to answer all His enemies, always with truth, but always effectively to quiet any supposed problems (Luke 20:27-40; Matthew 22:15-22). He was very humble, even to the point of stooping and washing the disciples’ dirty feet (John 13-16). No one ever convicted Him of sin, and the Jews had to suborn men to lie in order to crucify Him (Matthew 26:57-68). Even Pilate recognized there was no sin in Him worthy of death (Matthew 27:24). Jesus not only did many miracles, but enabled His apostles to do the same to show that they were from God (Mark 16:15-20). The climax of  His miracles was His own resurrection, which was witnessed by more than five hundred disciples at once (1 Corinthians 15:1-6).
Mohammed made no claim to being deity. He was illiterate, but obviously developed high qualities of leadership. At about the age of twenty-five he married a wealthy widow, Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, who was fifteen years his senior, and from all accounts was a very positive influence on his life. Her wealth also prompted Mohammed to have more leisure time, and he turned to meditation. It was during these times he supposedly received visions and revelations. His wife Khadijah died when Mohammed was fifty years old. During her life, he didn’t marry any additional women. After her death, various accounts have him either married or joined in concubinage to as many as thirteen women. His youngest, and favorite wife was Aisha who was only nine years old at the time of their marriage. Mohammed by most accounts is said to have a violent temper. After one discussion when he lost his temper, he received a convenient revelation to not dispute or debate religious matters again.
There is no doubt that Mohammed turned to the sword, as he began to gain influence and followers. Anyone remotely familiar with world history is aware that the Muslims started campaigning, conquered the "holy lands,” swept across North Africa, and actually took most of Spain, Portugal, and were finally stopped in Southern France. We have seen denials by the so-called "moderate Muslims” (although we know there are Muslims who do not condone violence against others) concerning violence, but one would have to be in a cave to deny the many terror attacks on "Christians” in the past thirty years. Both Mohammed and his followers often resorted to violence, and do so to the present! Recently a Muslim man told this writer that one of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, was inclined favorably toward Islam and even incorporated some of its teachings in our Constitution. That is completely false, as Thomas Jefferson started a war between America and the Barbary Pirates (North African Muslims) because they would capture western ships and either enslave or ransom them back to their countries. Jefferson persisted until this slavery/kidnapping ceased! The Muslim pirates claimed that the teachings of the Koran and Mohammed permitted this with infidels (Christians and Jews). 

Relations with Women:
Jesus and the New Testament both highly regard women, and have caused the positions of women to be elevated in the world. Early history of pagans often regarded women as property or less valuable than men. In Galatians 3:28-29 the apostle Paul indicates the spiritual equality of the genders. Although the Bible teaches that men and women have different qualities, and different roles, it never indicates that one is superior to the other. Jesus taught that one man should marry one woman, and both should remain faithful to each other until the death of the other (Matthew 19:1-12; Romans 7:2-3). Mohammed himself was joined to as many as thirteen women in marriage/concubinage and allows his followers to have as many as four wives (Koran 4:3). Any who doubt the general teaching and regard of Muslims toward women today need only to research the news articles on "honor killings” that have been announced even in this country. Islamic general law (Sharia[h]) permits the mistreatment of women. 

Ed Rodgers, 
Muskogee, OK