The concept of "intelligent design" and the existence of the universe have always had credence in the scientific community. Scientists in the fields of physics and chemistry have always had doubts about Darwinian evolution. The theory of evolution finds its support mostly among biologists and geologists.

The current concept of intelligent design in the world of science has no connection with the biblical account of creation found in the Book of Books. Moses wrote, in Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning God created the Heaven and the earth." To Christians who believe the Bible is indeed the revelation of the Creator to His creation, the inspired statement by Moses settles the issue.

To the infidel community in America, any intelligent design concept - however small or limited - must be avoided at all costs. Why, Heaven forbid, this might lead some to think the entire universe might somehow be the result of some kind of intelligent design - like maybe God did it! The antagonism against God and the Bible is palpable. If anything smacks of a phobia, this does it in spades.


Dale I. Royal, Elk City OK