Sunday AM Series

We have begun a Sunday morning series entitled, "Matchless Grace."  Where would you be without the grace of God that has been bestowed upon your life?  If we truly take to heart the message of scripture about grace, it will forever transform our lives and it will dramatically transform the church for the better.  A true and abiding understanding of grace will change the way you see the world, the way you think about the lost and our relationships with each other.  Most of all, it will change the way you think about God.


The message of grace will bring some long needed relief to people who are tired even of their religious burden.  It will come to your rescue!  It will cause you to become contagious again, will bring you joy again and will give you a peace that indeed  passes all understanding.


As we take this journey over the course of the next several weeks, listen carefully to what scripture says and let it guide you in your conclusions and the way you choose to live as a Christian.  Put aside all preconceived notions and just allow God's Word to shape your thinking as you find great His grace!


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