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The fellowship ministry purpose is to edify and build up the body of Christ here at the Sun Valley Church of Christ. We will do this by organizing events and providing food, allowing the members here to build stronger, closer relationships with one another. More >>


Teen Ministry
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Ministry Purpose: Provide opportunities for the SunValley Church of Christ teens (7th through 12th grades) to develop spiritually:
Instruct the Gospel as of first importance (1 Corinthians 15) Teach and encourage the youth to set an example for the believers (1 Timothy 4:12) Develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of the scriptures (Romans 10:17) Develop the youth of today into the leadership of tomorrow (Titus 2) Embrace the importance of community in the congregation (1 Corinthians 12:12-31) More >>


Pre-Teen Ministry
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Ministry Purpose: The ministry purpose is to organize, manage and coordinate fellowships, activities and Bible-based programs for youth ages 0-12 and their families:
Supplement pre-teen and youth education through Bible based programs such as verse memorization and daily Bible reading programs. More >>


As our mission states, we seek to teach and save the lost and to edify the saved! Every time we get together we provide the opportunity for everyone to attend a Bible class of their choosing. For information on the specific topics we are currently teaching please check out our "Services" page under, "Bible Class". More >>


World Bible School

World Bible School has students in nearly every nation of the World. Right now more than 1 million people study this program and over 2,000 more apply every day!
The Bible is the only subject. More >>


International Evangelism
For information regarding the Missions we support please go to our Missions page.

The purpose of the International Evangelism ministry is to fulfill the mandates of Jesus Christ and take the gospel to all parts of the globe. More >>


Local Evangelism
Some of our local evangelism includes cards to visitors, visits to the sick and shut-ins, and personal Bible Studies. During the month of December we make several food baskets for those in need and we have a gift drive where we purchase gifts for children and families in the community. More >>


Finance Ministry
Ministry Purpose The ministry is for economic and administrative support, financial management, for our Sun Valley Church family, to include:
Collect, report, and distribute our funds used for local work and various missionaries to evangelize the world. More >>


New Member Ministry
Ministry Purpose The New Member Ministry creates a sense of belonging right from the time the new family or individual places membership. Our Mission is to make sure each new member finds a place right away to work for the Lord in the ministry of their choice. More >>


Building and Grounds
Ministry Purpose The Sun Valley Church of Christ building and grounds ministry's purpose is to maintain the building and grounds. Coordinate maintenance and usage of building for Sunday worship, Wednesday night bible study and events and activities with other ministries. More >>


Ministry Purpose Benevolence is the desire to help those in need, or charitableness in an act of kindness or providing a charitable gift. Scriptures remind us that it is more blessed to give than to receive. More >>


Membership Care
Ministry Purpose To help connect members in ways that ensures the many basic life sustaining needs of each of the members are met, addressing those needs that are outside the realm of other ministries. More >>