SONshine Street

SONshine Street is going to be a brand new, interactive, full immersion learning  experience for the youth of our congregation.  

 There is a lot of physical work to do to accomplish the six very different education "stations" that the children will be learning in.  These learning centers will include The Mustard Seed Café, The Museum of Biblical History, The Majesty Theater, Noah's ARKade, Creation Station, and the Bethlehem Good News Tech Center.

We will be utilizing the most current technology and education resources available in each of the rooms to accomplish the goal of educating our youth with sound and thorough Biblical teaching. 


The Majesty Theater:
We take a closer look at one of our learning center rooms, the
Majesty Theater.  As we have mentioned, the entire concept of SONshine Street is a total immersion experience for our kids to learn in.  With that in mind, how exciting it will be for our children to come into a "classroom" which is an  actual functioning theater to see, hear and be a part of the lesson?!  That's exactly what the Majesty will bring to their  learning experience.  

Inside the theater there will be tiered theater seating for 20, (the seats will be here this afternoon), a large 70" smart television, sound/video equipment, a portable  puppet stage, curtains and everything you would expect in a theater.  You can imagine the work that will go into transforming current room #4 into this         showpiece.  There will be construction needs, (the tiers for seating, a ticket window and more), decorations, lots of sewing, (the "stage curtains"), and painting.  In addition to the television that will be the "screen" in the Majesty, we will be purchasing an additional  7 smart televisions and accompanying video   equipment to serve all the needs of the exciting stuff that is happening along SONshine Street

The Bethlehem Good News Information & Technology Center:
This room will be set up to look like a newspaper office where our children can come and have the latest technology at their fingertips to study that week's lesson.  There will be a bank of ten new computers, (more if needed), loaded with the latest Bible software and Bible studies.  Our children will be challenged to learn using the same technology they are already using at school and at home.  Each of these new computers will be linked to the internet so there are even more possibilities to what the children will have access to, Bible videos, educational games, and more.  This will be one of the rooms where our children are able to write stories and answers for the lesson they are studying.  

This exciting room, (the first room coming in from the backdoor - Room #5), will require a lot of preparation, construction & electrical work, to get it ready for the computers and new computer desks.  Please pray for this room and the entire SONshine Street Project. This is going to be an amazing transformation in education for our children now and future generations.  There is a lot of work to be done, and we could use your help.

The Mustard Seed Café:
Can you even imagine walking down a street and there NOT being a place to eat?  That won't be the case on SONshine Street.  The Mustard Seed Café will be a place where our kids can have a fun, interactive and tasty way to learn the lesson of the day.  Imagine this resource room set up like we do our snacks for vacation Bible school.  The snacks are a way for the children to be engaged with each of the snacks they create reinforcing the lesson they are studying. 

The Café will be housed in what is now the cradle role class (Room #1).  Construction for this room will include the removal of a wall, additional electrical outlets being run, a sink and counters being installed as well as a new refrigerator, convention oven and microwave.  Instead of smaller tables and chairs, the center part of the room will include a large island surrounded by stools.  This island will serve not only as a workstation for the lesson, but as a place for the children to enjoy their snacks together.