Wednesday Bible Class
Wednesday, 6:30 PM

Each time we meet - Bible classes are always offered for EVERYONE!  We have adult and children's classes on Wednesday evenings beginning at 6:30 p.m.

SONshine Street is an interactive Bible class program for children 4 years old thru 5th Grade.  The children will be in a rotating interactive class that will take them to each room on "the Street" over a three-week period.  During this three-week period, the kids will learn the lesson in a variety of ways.  Room assignments for each age group (4 yr.-K; 1st Gr.; 2nd-3rd Gr.; & 4th-5th Gr.) will be posted on the TVs at the end of the hallway, and hall monitors will be in place to assist you in finding your child's class.  Classes will also be held on SONshine Street on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m.

We also have classes for cradle roll (ages 0-2 years old) and a 2-3 years old class. 


Room #1 - 2-3 Years Old     Morgan Cook, Cindy Cook, Donna Pedigo, Dawn Shrull, & Sandra Hurt
Room #2 - 0-2 Year Olds     Jadie Martin, Sandra Huffines, Victoria Huffines, & Jessica Lester
SONshine Street - 4 Years Old - 5th Grade
 - The Mustard Seed Café
 - The Museum of Biblical History
 - The Majesty Theater
 - Noah's ARKade
 - Creation Station
 - The Bethlehem Good News
(Note: Teachers are assigned on a 3 week rotating schedule)
Faith Builders Room - 6th-8th Grades  Jerry Jernigan
The WEARhouse - 9th-12th Grades     Brian Staron


On Wednesday evenings, we have different speakers along with different topics.  All adult meet in the Fellowship Hall for this time of Bible study.

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