Union Grove Church of CHRIST 
If you have a Bible question, we are ready to give a Bible, book, chapter and verse answer? Put your question on our 'Contact us', then 'Leave a Message' page; or contact us at ugchurchofchrist@gmail.com

Come learn GOD's word with us, as we study The Bible.

Unfortunately, with the current covid-19, we are limiting exposure by worshipping in our homes. This is very temporary and will hopefully end very soon!

Online Memory Games

Long ago my teacher would write a memory verse on the blackboard. The class would read it together a few times. Then she would ask a student to erase a word and we'd read it again filling in the missing word from memory. We'd repeat this process until no words were on the board and we had it memorized. Now you can do the same thing online! Read the text a few times, then click on words one at a time, to make them disappear.    

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