Sermons by Stacey Durham

Topical Series:
Beyond Culture War - The spiritual war among us 
The Bible is God's Word - Good reasons for believing in the message of the Bible
Blind Spots - Are there things we are not seeing?  Shed the light of God's on everything. 
Building Faith - Presenting good reasons for believing
Building a God-Centered Home - Is your home what it should be? 
Creation - Upholding the Bible's teachings about the creation of the world 
The Day of Pentecost - The events and the message of Pentecost 
Descriptions of Jesus - A summary of some descriptions of Jesus in three categories   
Difficult Times Will Come - Preaching the gospel in the modern culture 
Fighting the Good Fight - We are under attack.  It is time to fight back!
The Fullness of Joy - A series based on Psalm 16:11
Godliness is Profitable - The advantages of practicing godliness in this life and the life to come
A Higher Standard - "We are convinced of better things concerning you, and things that accompany salvation" (Heb. 6:9)
Holy, Holy, Holy - A series on Deity 
Humanism: The Invisible Religion Among Us - Opening our eyes to the effects of humanism
Is Thy Heart Right With God? - Are you wholly committed to Christ? 
The Kingdom of God - What it is, how it was established, and how we get into it 
Miracles of Jesus - Taking lessons from the signs, wonders, and miracles of the Lord 
Money Matters
- Godly ways of handling money
The Promises to Abraham - A brief study of an essential part of God's plan for man
Our Relationships with One Another - Attitudes and actions that every Christian needs toward one another
Prescriptions for a Healthy Church - Essential elements for a local church to reach its potential 
Ready to Make a Defense
- Answering charges made against the churches of Christ
The Ten Commandments - Modern applications of the ancient commandments
That Final Week- A study of the final week leading up to Christ's crucifixion
Three Things - A short series featuring passages that commend three vital things
We Wish to See Jesus - Seeing Jesus as He truly is through the Scriptures
What Can I Do? - Every Christian has work to do for the Lord
Who am I? - Are you the right person to accomplish God's will? 
Textual Series:
Parables - Jesus teaches spiritual truth by using earthly illustrations. 
Proverbs' Top Ten - Topical study from Proverbs  
They Reap the Whirlwind - A series on the book of Hosea
Preaching Through Romans - Practical Lessons from Romans 
Victory Through Submission and Suffering - A series on the book of 1Peter 
Be on Your Guard - A series on the book of 2Peter 
Revealing Revelation - A series on the book of Revelation   
Precious Memories 
The Preeminence of Christ 
Premillennialism - Part I: Zionism
A Time to Be Silent and a Time to Speak  
Titus: Sound Doctrine, Sound Behavior


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