Welcome to the
Cape Coral Church of Christ

You may help people see the DVD "Searching for Truth" on their computer or smartphone by giving them the small invitation cards from the foyer.

Audio recordings of sermons are now available on the website. Many are also available on CD.

 Teaching the Bible using the Truth for the World materials and email is very easy and inexpensive. Please consider helping to spread God's word. If you would like to support this good work, there are envelopes in the foyer. You may also listen to great Bible studies and sermons at their website. Go to http://www.tftw.org

There are necessary chores that need done at the church building. Please make yourself available for any help you can provide. Several have taken on some much needed repairs and are doing a great job.

The Fellowship Breakfast is scheduled for October 20 at the Bob Evans Restaurant on Pine Island Road at 8:00.

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