Welcome to the
Quitman church of Christ



      The first church of Christ in Brooks County began in 1896 when a group of Christians started meeting under a brush-arbor in the Welcome Hill community.  The Central Avenue church in Valdosta has long been an active force in the South Georgia, North Florida area.  One of the paramount concerns of the Central Avenue church was to evangelize areas of Georgia and Florida adjacent to Valdosta. This mission goal was extented to Brook County in 1929.  The Christian church of Quitman was about to lose its property and they approached the Central Avenue elders about giving a deed in return for assuming some obligations that were in arrears.  The Central elders agreed, appointed trustees for the property and began paying bills.  Repairs were made on the building and Robert Lester, Sr. began preaching in Quitman .  It is thought by some that Irvin Lee may have preached first in Quitman but whichever might have been first, it is a known fact that both of these men had an important role in the development of the church in Quitman. Others followed these men into the pulpit of this church.  Some were:  Bill Moulton, James Roy Copeland, J. C. Reed, Bro. Brogdon, Bro. Revis, Roy Dasher, Jesse Long, Jon Hazelip, Bill Copeland,  Don Gill,  Chris Burger, A. L. Colson, Bob Rowell, Melvin Stephens, Charles Cochran, Dwight Mowrer, Mike Roller, Paul Nance, Carl Walker (who preached here for over 30 years as minister), and JT Brown, who is the current minister.  The Quitman church has always been a strong supporter of  Dasher Bible School, now known as Georgia Christian School.  Several young teachers and students have preached at Quitman from time to time.  Some of these are : Billy Hood,  Winfield Skinner, William Potts,  Jack Exum, and Don Walker.  Several of these men preached their first sermon in Quitman.

   In addition to the school,  the church in Quitman has been very active in local benevolent work as well as local and foreign missions.  Some of these include: Morven church, and several churches who lost property during recent storms.  On the foreign field, the church as been a long time supporter of  Demar Elam through The Open Door Ministry and the good work being done in India by the Ron Clayton family.  The eldership took on the oversight of the work in Northern Luzon in the Philippines.  Work is currently underway to establish a School of Preaching there.

   We are blessed to have four sister churches in Quitman and Brooks County who are faithful to the New Testament and are great fellow-workers.  They are:  Courtland Avenue, Shumate Street, Welcome Hill, and Morven.

   The elders are Andy Sykes, Paul Copeland, and Jack Burch. Deacons are as follows, Ken Singletary, Joseph Barber , Timmy Sherley, Ric Guest, Clint Joyner and Ed Boyce.