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Name: Mike Jones 
Comments: Very nice and informative site!

Name: Liliana Gutierrez 
Comments: hi, nice to meet you, id like to learn more about word of the lord in english thank you very much, because i love to speak english and i want to practice hearing about my dear lord

Name: Glen Willcut 
Comments: Great web site...

Name: Joe 
Comments: I think the discussion board needs the box for the verification--I used the verification code from the guest book and it worked. So if the discussion board is open--check the code here and enter it there.

Name: Joyce Broyles 
Comments: This is a very good looking website.  I know that it still has a lot more to be done to it.  Emilce, you are doing great. We all appreciate all the hard work you have been doing.

Name: Emilce McLarty 
Comments: Nice looking website!