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Southwest School of Bible Studies

The Southwest School of Bible Studies has been providing an intensive program in Biblical studies and related fields since 1978. While it welcomes anyone who wants to study the Bible more deeply, its primary purpose is the training of preachers of the gospel. More >>


Cherokee Home for Children

Cherokee has been providing children with a Christian home environment since the late 1950s. We support them both financially and with donations of good from individual members from time to time. For more information on their work, check out their website. More >>


Bryan Hodge

Bryan is the minister for the Youngsport Church of Christ. We have supported him in mission works in both Ghana and, most recently, India. There he established a school to train elders for the local congregations. More >>


Matthew Gibson

Matt is the preacher for the Riverside Church of Christ in Corpus Christi. He has been involved in a number of mission campaigns in Jamaica which we have helped support. More >>


Jack McNeil

Jack is the preacher for the Oak Grove Church of Christ in Missouri. We have supported him in mission work as we have had the opportunity. He is heavily involved in efforts in India. More >>



Bible Class
Sunday - 10.00 AM
Morning Worship
Sunday - 11:00 AM
Evening Worship
Sunday - 5:00 PM
Bible Class
Wednesday - 7:00 PM


Bryant Perkins
More >>


320 Bailey Lane
Spicewood, Texas  78669
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