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Sweeny Christian School

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A Brief History of the Sweeny Christian School
The Sweeny Christian School opened its doors in January of 1983 as a Tuesday/Thursday preschool under the direction of Joan Pollock. In August of 1983, it became the first full time Christian preschool and Kindergarten in Sweeny.The school started out housed in the church building located on the corner of 5th and Elm Streets. The school grew and needed more space thus our educational building was added and we also used classrooms in the Baptist church building located adjacent to our building. The school was blessed to be given a 10 acre track of land off of Texas Avenue. In 1995, a facility was completed that would house the Kindergarten and Elementary grades. In the fall of 1998, the school finished the seperate preschool building.
In its 30th year of operation, there have been four church members who have served as administrators. They are Joan Pollock, Billie Schroeder, Heather White-Burrow, and Lynne Duncan.
Overseen by a board of trustees that are members of the church of Christ, SCS has been a consistent ministry to families in the area andhas been instrumental in several families being brought to the Lord and becoming part of the Sweeny church family. Board members have included Glen Duncan, Glenn Salyer, Mark Johnson, Terry Hall, Newton Martin, Thomas Lemon, Alan Brown, James White, Shirley Williams, Cindy Burrow, Nancy  Hankins, Deann Logsdon, Bill O'Brien...
 Currently there are 9 full time teachers: Elizabeth Dreher & Erin York (PreK-2), Michelle Logsdon (Part time 3's & 4's), Annie Logsdon (PreK-3), Penny Vogt (PreK-4), and Lynette McKinney (Elementary). Ronda Wallace is our Administrative Assistant and Billie Schroeder is the Administrator. Annette Parker is our extended care supervisior. Nathan Burrow conducts chapel time on Wednesday mornings for the entire school and teaches the elementary Bible Class during the week. Current Board Members include Glen Duncan- President, Bill O'Brien- Secretary, Nathan Burrow and Jalyn White-Wick. The hours of operation are from 7 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. The school is currently closed for the summer. The school serves families with children from ages 2 years to 7th grade. Class size is limited. For more information call, (979) 548-6001.

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