The congregation had its beginning in the year 1912. The first meeting place was in the home of Mr. Louis Sanford after he canvased the town on horseback inviting all to church. His home was located on the corner of 5th and Main. Later, services were held in the school building. Some of the early families of the church were the John Brockmans, Emmet Rimmer, Levi Hankins, Clarence Daileys and George Copelands. Later Billie Chenault, 1913, Dr. Jim Arrington, Thomas Arrington, and Banks Arrington - 1915, Mrs. Vezey and her daughter, Bertha Vezey Webb.
The first meeting house was constructed in 1921, with a small cottage for the minister built behind the church building.
The first time services were held in the current location was November 4, 1956. The church annex, which houses the church offices, some classrooms, and a fellowship area, was built in 1980. The education with three classrooms in 1985.
The first full time paid minister was Joe White, son of Brother L.S. White who had held many meetings here. Many ministers have been associated with this congregation - Thomas D. Rose, B.C. McCarley, C. E. Metcalf, Brooks Terry, Gordan Tule, Gordon Teele, Max Bartec, Johnny Anders, Brother Smith, Brother McDaniel, Thomas Compton, George DeVoll, Coy Day, Sterling Walker, Kenneth Burnett, Gerald O. Fruzia, Jr., Wayne Willis, Charles Boren, Floyd H. Davis, Larry Demalade,  Eugene Dewveall, Paul Compton, Stan King, Jay Hanley, Jerry Keene, Glen Newberry, John Orr, Michael Williams, Max McClendon, Nathan Burrow, and Kenneth Hysten.
The first Elders to serve the church in Sweeny were Tom Arrington, Dr. Jim Arrington, John Brockman, Billie Chenault, George Copeland, and Emmett Rimmer. Elders that have served the congregation are Bryan O'Banion, Barry Chenault, W.L. Ellis, Paul Lindsey, Fletcher Dailey, Louis Shaw, John Witt, Glynn Fails, Charles Matyear, Lewis Schmersahl, Jamie Chenault, Don Dolezalek, Vern Burrow, and Danny Hankins.

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