Abilene Christian University
Christian University in Abilene

Church of Christ
Angleton Congregation

Churches of Christ online
Helpful website find Bible studies, information and much more

Danielle's Place
Helpful website for Bible Class Teachers

Church of Christ on Nichol Street in Bay City

Northside Church of Christ in Temple
Congregation where Michael and Brooke Williams are currently ministering

Kids Sunday School
Helpful site for Bible Teachers

Providing Positive Resources for Daily Christian Living

Heritage Christian University in Florence, AL
Christian Education on a college level

National Christian School Association
Homepage for NCSA

Christian Parenting
Babies to Teens Helpful advice and activities

World Bible School
Bible Studies

Camp Hensel
Camp Hensel Youth Camp

Medina Children's Home
Children's home just outside of Medina, TX

Foster's Home for Children
Children's home located in Stephenville, TX

Oklahoma Christian University
Christian University in Oklahoma

English Standard Reading Bible
Can listen to scriptures as they are read to you

Needville Church of Christ
The congregation in Needville

Life Line of Hope
International Orphan Aid and Adoption

Does God Exist?
John Clayton atheist turned Christian by the evidence of God

We Care Ministries
A great evangelism website

Central Texas Leadership Training for Christ
 Program for 3rd - 12th grades

Harding Christian University
Christian University in Arkansas

Sunset International Bible Institute
Preaching School with Bachelor and Master Programs

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