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Name: Vanessa Askew 


It was wonderful to visit with your congregation this past Sunday. Its our hope that we can visit again very soon. Thank you for helping us feel welcomed as always.

The Askew Family (Steve, Vanessa, Steven, & Danielle)

Name: Greeting! 


And the bible will win all the nations hearts to find  hope and peace with salvation and healing and Jesus will be this name who we will be saved and get forgiving our sin  and get new power in the Holy Spirits  and joy,thanks and bless and joy of word in God,keijo sweden

Name: Lyndon D. Koskey 


I just wanted to write a short note to say the website looks great!  I very much appreciate looking through the site and find out how the Church family there is doing since we have moved on.  I think and pray about you all on a regular basis.  May God continue to bless the work you do in the Huntingtown, MD area.  

In Christ,
Lyndon, Anessa, Alethea, and Zoe Koskey

Name: Julie Bettes 


It''s a good website.  

Name: Desiree Stamps 


Good job ...the new website looks great....Keep up the inspiring work.

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