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BibleQuest 2018

Presented by the Madisonville Church of Christ
This year's theme: the Book of Proverbs
This year's guest speakers: Darrell Simon & Audie Cherry
Date of this year's competition: August 4, 2018
What Is BibleQuest?
It is an annual Bible knowledge bowl hosted by the Madisonville Church of Christ. The competition is held in the Madisonville Church of Chirst's building, with members of several churches providing the necessary resources and support. Awards are presented to the individuals and teams, which achieve the highest scores in their respective examinations, but that is not the ultimate purpose of the program. The time that participants spend in preparation for the competition will equip them with a wealth of Bible knowledge and experience that is more valuable than any award.
Who May Participate?
The program is open to all school age children (Kindergarten through twelfth grade) who want to participate. Parents are urged to help their children prepare, and they are welcome to attend the competition. Every church represented by children who compete individually, or as a member of a team must have at least one adult to accompany the children to the competition, as their coordinator. Churches are encouraged to pre-register children who will participate, but any eligible children who have not pre-registered will not be turned away. We want as many children as possible to have the chance to put their Bible knowledge to the test.
Getting Started:
We recommend that one or more adult members of any participating congregation be selected to coordinate the preparation and participation of the youth. BibleQuest coordinators must carefully read the rules and procedures of the BibleQuest program, and promote it within the congregation. The coordinator is primarily responsible for recruiting young people to participate, and must accompany the youth group to Madisonville, on the day of competition.
The coordinator must be sure to pre-register the children who want to compete, as soon as possible. Please use the official Registration Form and be sure to provide all of the requested information. Click on the "Contact Us" button and send an e-mail message to Russell Kline, preacher for the Madisonville Church of Christ with your name and mailing address to request a copy of the General Information Packet, including the Registration Form. When filling out the form, make sure to list the contestants current grade levels, rather than the grade levels they expect to start in the fall. Children may be registered for team competition on the day of competition, at Madisonville. At least three children are needed to form a team. If there are not enough children in a given age group from your congregation, or if there are too many, we will work with you to make it possible for every child that wants to compete to have an opportunity to do so. Mail the completed Form to the Madisonville Church of Christ, so we may have an idea of how many children and adults to expect in attendance. Congregations that pre-register their children will receive a set of "Fact Sheets," which may be helpful in preparing for the competition.
Those who sign-up to compete are encouraged to prepare themselves as best they can. Coordinators are urged to include parents and Bible class teachers in thinking of fun and creative ways to drill the children in the text about which they will be quizzed at the competition. Contestants may expect to face True/False, Multiple Choice and Short Answer questions, at the competition. The questions will be objective in nature; requiring the student only to know what the text says, rather than to speculate about its meaning. The New King James Version of the Bible will be used to prepare the competition quizzes. In past BibleQuest programs, some Bible class teachers have incorporated preparation for the competition into their routine lesson plans. Some parents have hosted weekly get-togethers to help their kids practice. Some preachers have organized Sunday afternoon practice sessions and preached sermons covering the designeated text. No matter what you may do to prepare, it should be noted that the most successful youth groups have been those that put a strong emphasis upon the program and put a great deal of thought into how their children prepared themselves.
This Year's Schedule and Text:
This year, the competition is scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 4. Registration of contestants will begin at 9:00 a.m. and all coordinators are urged to have their children present at that time. There will be a kickoff devotional at 10:00 a.m. and individual competition will begin afterward. When the contestants have finished their individual competition quizzes, lunch will be provided by the members of the Madisonville congregation. A second devotional will begin at about 1:00 p.m. and will be followed by the commencement of team competition. Team competition will start with the youngest age group and finish with the oldest age group. Following the conclusion of team competition, there will be a brief intermission and then the presentation of awards will take place.
This year, all the questions asked in the BibleQuest competition will be based upon the text of the book of Proverbs. This are also known as the Bible's storehouse of wisdom. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to learn, together with our children, some valuable lessons, which will prove useful in our journey from Earth to Heaven.
Rules for Individual Competition:
  • Examinations will be conducted in writing, but all the questions will be read aloud by adult volunteers.
  • All the questions will be written by adult members of the Madisonville church of Christ.
  • Anyone with access to the questions before the competition must not discuss them with any of the contestants or their coordinators.
  • Contestants shall compete in one of four age groups: Kindergarten through second grade, third grade through fifth grade, sixth grade through eighth grade, or ninth grade through twelfth grade.
  • Children who have not completed the Kindergarten level of education are not eligible to compete, but those who have recently finsihed the twelfth grade are in their last year of eligibility.
  • Questions are not necessarily presented in any particular order and each question is independent of every other question.
  • Contestants will be provided with pencils, copies of the test and a place to write.
  • Cheating will not be tolerated, and any contestant caught cheating will be disqualified.
  • Awards will be given to the contestants with the three highest scores in each age group.
Rules for Team Competition:
  • A moderator will read all the questions in this part of the competition, orally.
  • Teams shall consist of three contestants; representing one congregation.
  • Teams shall face each other in a single-elimination multi-round tournament for each of the four age groups.
  • Seeding for each tournament shall be determined by the team member's scores in the individual competition.
  • In each round, a toss-up question will be asked and whichever team member buzzes in first must answer the question.
  • If the toss-up question is answered correctly, the team is awarded one point.
  • If the toss-up question is not answered correctly, the opposing team is given an opportunity to answer it for one point.
  • The first team to score ten points wins the round and advances to the next.
  • The teams that make it to the final round of a tournament play to decide which shall finish in first or second place.
  • Third place shall be awarded to the team that did not make it to the final round, but had the highest number of points.
  • Tournaments will be conducted for each age group; beginning with the youngest and ending with the oldest.
  • Contestants may compete in an older age group, but not in a younger age group.
  • Contestants may compete in only one tournament.

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