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Welcome to our links page. Please visit these sites to learn more about the good works being done by our brethren across the country and around the world.


Memphis School of Preaching

This is a school for faithful men, who want to learn how to preach the Word of God effectively. Our preacher is a graduate of this school, and we send a monthly contribution to its general fund.

Southwest School of Bible Studies

This is a school for faithful men who want to learn how to preach the Word of God effectively. Our preacher has a diploma from their graduate program.

Tennessee Bible College

This is an accredited college for men and women who want to study the Bible and Bible-related subjects.

International College of the Bible

This is a mission work operated by Ronald Gilbert, whom we have supported for many years. Its objective is to provide educational resources for churches in Africa. Our preacher has a Bachelor's Degree from this school.

House to House/Heart to Heart

This is an evangelistic publication that is mailed to millions of homes all over the United States and other parts of the world.

Gospel Broadcasting Network

This is a 24-hours a day, 7-days a week television network operated by members of the church of Christ, broadcasting programing by members of the church of Christ. You can view a live broadcast of the network online.

The Gospel of Christ

This is a ministry, which endeavors to provide superior quality video Bible studies at a low cost.

World Video Bible School

This is a ministry that provides excellent audio, video, and printed educational resources at a low cost.


This is a radio station located in McMinnville, Tennessee. They broadcast congregational singing, sermons and educational programming produced exclusively by members of the churches of Christ. It is an extension of the work of the East End Church of Christ.

Big Reedy Christian Camp

This is a new Christian camp facility that is under construction in Butler County, Kentucky. We are hoping to be able to send our kids to camp there, when they are finally open for business. Click on the link to view their progress.

Gahanna Jefferson Church of Christ

This is the site of a small congregation located in central Ohio. It is filled with many valuable study resources. We recommend it to anyone who is looking for Bible study helps.

Westside Church of Christ

This is the web site of a faithful congregation of Christians in Evansville, Indiana. It contains many useful resources and links.

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