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Bulletin for March 17

Where Did You Hear That? (article added 3/15/19)

David Versus Goliath (sermon for 3/17/19)

Jealous for the Lord (sermon for 3/17/19)

Bulletin for March 10

Psalm 73 (article added 3/8/19)

The Religion of Islam (sermon for 3/10/19)

God's Word is Settled in Heaven (sermon for 3/10/19)

Bulletin for March 3

Pretending (article added 3/1/19)

What Can You Do? - Lesson 3 (sermon for 3/3/19)

Bulletin for February 24

The Veil was Torn in Two (article added 2/22/19)

Much Shall Be Required (sermon for 2/24/19)

A Man of His Word (sermon for 2/24/19)

Bulletin for February 17

A Bunch of Hypocrites (article added 2/16/19)

Like the Face of an Angel (sermon for 2/17/19)

Saul the Persecutor (sermon for 2/17/19)

Bulletin for February 10

Fighting Back the Flames (article added 2/8/19)

Evolution Weekend 2019 (sermon for 2/10/19)

The Confluence of Religion and Science (sermon for 2/10/19)

Bulletin for February 3

Always Good News (article added 2/1/19)

What Can You Do? - Lesson 2 (sermon for 2/3/19)

Bulletin for January 27

I Know How You Feel (article added 1/25/19)

Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction, and Division (sermon for 1/27/19)

Act Like Men (sermon for 1/27/19)

Bulletin for January 20

Controversy Over a Sign (article added 1/18/19)

The Events of Pentecost (sermon for 120/19)

The Message of Pentecost (sermon for 1/20/19)

Bulletin for January13

Removing the Veil (article added 1/11/19)

Bulletin for January 6

Recovering from a Mistake (article added 1/4/19)

What Can You Do? - Lesson 1 (sermon for 1/6/19)

Bulletin for December 30

Old Time Religion (article added 12/28/18)

Loving God and Keeping Commandments (sermon for 12/30/18)

What Difference Does It Make? (sermon for 12/30/18)

Bulletin for December 23

Can We Depend on You? (article added 12/21/18)

Bulletin for December 16

Stop the Bullying (article added 12/14/18)

Comfort and Courage in Hard Times (sermon for 12/16/18)

Hananiah, the Lying Prophet (sermon for 12/16/18)

Bulletin for December 9

Did Scientists Discover Noah? (article added 12/7/18)

Noah was Saved by Grace (sermon for 12/9/18)

Noah was Saved through Faith (sermon for 12/9/18)

Bulletin for December 2

What Shall I Render? (article added 11/30/18)

A Higher Standard - Lesson 12 (sermon for 12/2/18)

Bulletin for November 25

Living in the World (article added 11/21/18)

The Secret Disciples (sermon for 11/25/18)

Righteous Judgment (sermon for 11/25/18)

Bulletin for November 18

Why Give Thanks? (article added 11/16/18)

Do I Have To? (sermon for 11/18/18)

Light the Fire (sermon for 11/18/18)

Bulletin for November 11

Predestination, God's Foreknowledge, and Man's Free Will (article added 11/9/18)

Judah Versus Assyria (sermon for 11/11/18)

Trust (sermon for 11/11/18)

Bulletin for November 4

A New Age Wave (article added 11/2/18)

A Higher Standard - Lesson 11 (sermon for 11/4/18)

Local Gospel Meetings (updated 11/2/18)

Bulletin for October 28

Truth is not a Democracy (article added 10/26/18)

Avoiding Temptation (sermon for 10/28/18)

The Experts, the Majority, and the Lord (sermon for 10/28/18)

Bulletin for October 21

Righteousness Exalts a Nation (article added 10/19/18)

The Creator (sermon for 10/21/18)

Hating Evil (sermon for 10/21/18)

Bulletin for October 14

The Joy of Repentance (article added 10/12/18)

Your Own Convictions (sermon for 10/14/18)

The Great Commission (sermon for 10/14/18)

Bulletin for October 7

Hard Hearted (article added 10/5/18)

A Higher Standard - Lesson 10 (sermon for 10/7/18)

Bulletin for September 30

Toxic Androgyny (article added 9/28/18)

Bulletin for September 23

Daniel's Prayer (article added 9/21/18)

The Substance of Prayer (sermon for 9/23/18)

The Spirit of Prayer (sermon for 9/23/18)

Bulletin for September 16

Grieve, Then Get to Work (article added 9/14/18)

"Here am I.  Send Me!" (sermon for 9/16/18)

Don't Be Taken Captive (sermon for 9/16/18)

Bulletin for September 9

An Opportunistic Enemy (article added 9/7/18)

Answering the JWs (sermon for 9/9/18)

Why Not Many? (sermon for 9/9/18)

Bulletin for September 2

The Lord Delivers the Righteous (article added 8/31/18)

A Higher Standard - Lesson 9 (sermon for 9/2/18)

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