Hardin County Church of Christ

Bible Class
Tuesday, 7:00 PM

          Bible class is a wonderful time to dive deeper into God's word. This class is not a substitution for daily study, however it is a great time to study with each other. This Bible class is designed to be a classroom discussion type class. Currently we are studying through the book of Ephesians. We encourage you to take advantage of this time to gain a deeper insight into God's inspired word. Although we use this time to dive deep into God's word, we also have this time set aside to be used for new converts or those who are just starting their journey in God's word. If we have anyone who needs a more one-on-one type study, this is the best time to get that needed study. 

What to Expect:
        We understand that it can be intimidating to attend a class that is in an unfamiliar format. To help put your mind at ease, we will explain what happens at a typical Tuesday night class. We start every class, no matter when it is, with an opening prayer. At this time we thank God for his grace and allowing us the opportunity to study from His word. After opening prayer, we move into the materials we are currently studying. The class itself is set up to be a discussion oriented class; this allows those participating to ask questions and get input from others in the class. After about an hour of discussion, we will have a closing prayer; this ends our class for the week. The Tuesday night class is typically about an hour long.

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