The Westside church of Christ is a group of believers who are doing their best to fulfill the commands of God.  We believe God's word gives us a direction and purpose.  As baptized (immersed in water) believers we become a part of the body of Christ and are thankful for God's mercy and grace.  Every one of us has a role to fulfill in serving God.  But we all share the responsibility, as the church of Christ, to worship God, encourage our spiritual family, and take the gospel or 'good news' to the world around us.
Our worship is reverent, focusing on God and Christ.  We worship the one and only, true, spiritual God in a way that we see described in the New Testament.  Our desire is to please Him, not focus on what pleases us or entertains us.
The worship we offer when we gather together includes things like singing and fellowship that praises God but also encourages us.  We share our shortcomings, ask questions as we study, share our joys and pray for each other.
The reason we come together is not because we are perfect but because we have discovered our imperfections and found comfort in God's word.   We have learned that His love for us is tremendous!  Because of this discovery we want to share it with those around us...near and far!  We want to take the good news about Jesus to every ear that will listen and share the love of Jesus.

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