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Historical Debate Reports

To fully appreciate the significance of these debate reports, please read the overview article below. 
It will explain how such a large number of debate reports were preserved, and will bring to light the treasured role that religious debates played during the Restoration movement.

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General Topics
>  Baptisms of the Bible
>  Baptism: Who? How? Why?
>  God's Plan of Salvation: A Closer Look 

>  Marriage and the Home
>  What Is the Church of the Bible?
>  Quick Bible References
>  A Study of Angels
>  The Old and New Covenants: Some Distinct Differences
>  The Eldership
>  A Study of the Godhead
>  When Were the Books of the New Testament Recognized As Inspired? 
>  Wearing the Name "Christian"
>  The "Last Days:" To What Time Period Does this Refer?
>  Lessons on Christ
>  The Life of Christ: Historically and Geographically
>  Christ in Prophecy
>  The World of the New Testament
>  The Fall of Jerusalem
>  What Happened to Christ's Resurrected Body? 
>  Archaeology and the Bible - Part I  |  Part II
>  Demons
>  Attributes of Christian Living
>  Church History
>  Jewish Feast Days
>  What is Homosexuality? 
>  What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality?
>  Incidental Comments Found in the Bible
>  Difficult Words in the KJV
>  Simple Facts about the Bible
>  The Holy Spirit and the Christian
>  The Holy Spirit in Acts 2:38 and Acts 5:32
  Seven Lessons on Prayer -  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7

>  Psalms 119 - The Pathway of Faith
>  Capital Punishment and the Bible
>  The Meaning of the Word "Psallo"
>  Biblical Types and Anti-types
>  Some Things You Should Know About the Church
>  Origin of the Word "Cross"
>  Heaven: Its Types and Figures
>  Cities Found in the New Testament
>  Questions Asked by Jesus and to Jesus
>  Warning Youth About Alcoholism
>  Crucial Questions
>  Persecutions and Problems Facing the First Century Church
>  God's Justice: How It is Misunderstood
>  Prayers Mentioned in the Bible 
>  When Was the Bible Divided Into Chapters and Verses? 
>  A Study of Different Translations
>  Between the Testaments - Gene Taylor

Book Studies

>  Old Testament Survey: The Books of Law
>  Old Testament Survey: The Books of History
>  Old Testament Survey: The Books of Poetry
>  Old Testament Survey: The Major Prophets
>  Old Testament Survey: The Minor Prophets
>  New Testament Survey: The Gospels 
>  New Testament Survey: The Book of Acts 
>  New Testament Survey: The Epistles
>  New Testament Survey: The Book of Revelation
>  A Look at the Book of Revelation
>  Outline of Revelation
>  When Was Revelation Written? 
>  What Was the Great City of Revelation?


>  The Chain Between God and Man
>  Church History Chart
>  Bible History Chart
>  The Book of Acts: An Overview Chart
>  A Chart of the Biblical Dispensations
>  The Duration of the Miraculous Age
>  The Gospels Paralleled
>  Ephesians and Colossians: The Two Books Paralleled
>  Prophetic Books: Overview Chart
>  Christ and the Testaments
>  Baptist Doctrine versus the New Testament Church
>  Baptism and Creed Books
>  The Herodian Family
>  Where God Placed Water
>  The New Testament Church: Overview Chart
>  The Plan of Salvation
>  The Road to Salvation
>  The Flood and the Longevity of Man's Life
>  The United and Divided Kingdoms
>  The Wilderness Encampment of Israel
>  The Results of Baptism
>  Evolution's Corruptive Influence
>  The Seven Churches of Revelation 
>  Biblical Commands

Apologetics Topics
Evolution / Atheism
>  An Overview of Evolution
>  The Instability of Evolution
>  Have You Ever Read Darwin?
>  A Drastic Change in Evolutionary Thinking
>  Questions About the Genesis Flood
>  The Eruption of Mt. Saint Helens: Its Effect on Uniformitarian Geology
>  The Two Laws of Entropy: Evolution's Major Adversaries
>  If There Were No God: Some Inescapable Conclusions
>  Atheism's Ultimate Problem: Explaining Existence
>  Christian Evidences: An Overview

Textual Examination

  Alleged Contradictions in the Bible

>  How Long Was Jesus in the Tomb?
>  Resurrection Theories
>  What is the Anitchrist?
>  What Happens to the Soul After Death?
>  Josephus' Testimony to Jesus
>  Biblical Passages Often Distorted

Doctrine and Practice
>  To Whom Are We to Pray?
>  To Whom Are We to Pray? - Part 2
>  What Is the Sin Against the Holy Spirit?
Can a Christian Become Lost?
>  Woman's Role in the Church
>  Matthew 24 - Are There Signs of Jesus' Second Coming?
>  Origin of Instrumental Music - M. C. Kurfees
>  Ten Misconceptions Regarding the Lord's Supper
>  Divorce and Remarriage: Five Widely-held False Views
>  Common Sense and the Divorce/Remarriage Issue
>  Acts 2:38 - An Attempt to Distort a Plain Passage



>  The Apocrypha: Is it Inspired?
>  False Doctrines of Roman Catholicism
>  Was the Apostle Peter the First Catholic Pope? 

>  Baptism for the Dead: What is It?
>  Is the Sabbath to Be Observed Today?
>  False Teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses
>  Errors in the Jehovah's Witnesses' New World Translation
>  The Islamic Religion - Explained
>  Premillennialism: Examined
>  What About Astrology?
>  Why I Am Not a Mormon
The Blind Faith of Mormonism
>  Distorted and Contrived Religious Terms
>  Are Babies Born Guilty of Sin?

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