Our aim is to glorify God, follow the example of Jesus Christ, and love one another. We exist to worship our lord (Jesus) who has saved  us from sin and tell other about the salvation he offers to all.

We value  and truthful understanding of the Bible and welcome you to worship and study with us.

The Church of Christ is made up of people who have been drawn together for worship and service by a common faith in Jesus Christ. We wish simply to be called  Christians and we make it our goal to live up to all that such name represents.

As individuals, we share fellowship with Christians all over the world.when we were saved ,the Lord added us to His Church (Acts 2:47) The head of the Church is Christ its head quater is Heaven (Ephesians 1:20:23).

As a local Church we are self governing; that is we do not answer to or follow the direction of any man or council of men outside of the congregation . We adhere to human creed.we are free to study , teach and work as the Bible leads us. the scripture tells us what is good for us to do ( 2nd Timothy 3;16-17).

It is our desire to do everything the scripture teach and nothing else,
1) We celebrate the Lord's supper on each first day of the week in remembrance of our crucified saviour (Acts 20:7, 1 Corrinthians 11:23-26)

2)we praise God and teach one another by singing psalms,hymns and spiritual songs.

3) We  pray often (1 Thes 5:17;Mathew 7;11;1st Peter 3 -12

4)Realizing that saving faith comes from hearing God's word ( Roman's 10:17)

Nyawita Church of Christ has 34 Orphans and 15 Widows we would love your support towards their educational support.

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From Nairobi City, take a bus heading to Busia alight at Ugunja there you may call us.