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"Abide in Me"
Abounding in the Work of the Lord 
Against Such Things
All or None
All Things New 
All Things Work Together for Good 
Alternatives to Anxiety
Always Good News
"Am I Good Enough to Be Saved?"
The Angry Mob  
Answering the JWs 
The Antidote for Death
Apologies to Darwin  
Approval for Abortion 
Are the Jews Saved without Believing in Jesus? 
Are We Guilty of Doctrinal Pride? 
Are You an Imitator or an Actor? 
Are You Ready for This? 
Arguments the Atheists Cannot Answer
As Obedient Children 
Asleep in Jesus 
Assembly Required?
Attention Deficient 
Authentic Worship, Relevant Bible Teaching, and a Casual Atmosphere 
Back to Goshen 
Back to the Cross
The Beatitudes 
The Beatitudes - Blessed are the Pure in Heart 
The Beatitudes - Blessed are Peacemakers 
Born to Die
But By the Grace of God 
California's Resolution Against the Gospel
Calling Evil Good 
Calling God Your Father 
Calvinism and the Sinful Nature
Can a Christian Serve in the Military? 
Can Jesus Really Save Anyone? 
Can We Depend on You?  
Can You Be Too Religious? 
Changing Seasons, Unchanging God 
Changing Your Spiritual DNA 
Choosing the Creation Over the Creator 
A Christian's Politics 
The Church from Eternity
Church is for Children, Too
Clean Out the Old Leaven
Common Sense
Common Sense Crisis?
Conditional Love 
Conduct Yourself with Wisdom Toward Outsiders 
Confession and Denial 
Conscience Before and After 
Content but not Complacent 
Contentment and Ambition 
Controversy Over a Sign
Coping with Sorrows 
Counting Birthdays 
A Covenant with Your Eyes
Crucifying Christ Again 
Crucifying the Flesh
Daniel's Prayer
Dead Silent
Dealing With Painful Memories
Dealing With Sin
Death Bed Confessions 
Desperately Seeking Exceptions 
Despising the Shame 
The Devil and Judas Iscariot 
Did Scientists Discover Noah?
Did You Ever Notice?
Difficult Statements
Dirty Dancing
Dissatisfied with God's Answers 
Divided Methodist Church
Do Not Speak Against One Another 
Do Wednesdays Count? 
Do You Love Jesus? 
Do You Trust Me?  
Do Yourself a Favor - Be Forgiving 
Does Everything Happen for a Reason? 
Don't Give Up
Don't Give Up (updated) 
Don't Ignore the Problem  
Don't Preach That 
Don't Skip Thanksgiving
Don't Worry About It
Each Day has Enough Trouble of its Own  
Ease in Life is Not Ease of Faith
Easy as 1-2-3
Elders in Every Church
Empty Out, Fill Up 
Enter His Rest  
Faith to be Fearless 
Faithful are the Wounds of a Friend
False Expectations
The Father Gave All Things into His Hands
Financial Crisis - A Nation in Debt 
Find Him 
The Firm Foundation of God Stands
The First Thanksgiving Proclamation
For and Against 
For by One Spirit We Were All Baptized 
For Such a Time as This 
For the Love of the Game 
For the Sake of the Kingdom of Heaven 
Forgive Me - Again
A Fragrance of Christ for God 
Free Will and Self-Control 
Freed From Sin

Freedom of Religion
Friends, Enemies, Truth, and Lies 
From Bad to Worse
The Fruit of Man's Knowledge
The Fullness of Christ
Get Over It
Get Rich Quick!
Get the Message 
Getting to Know God 
God Adds No Sorrow to His Blessings 
God Desires All Men to be Saved 
God Forsaken 
Going Home 
Going to Law with a Brother 
The Golden Compass
The Good Confession
A Good, Moral, and Lost Man  
The Good Old Days  
"Good Sermon, Preacher!"
A Good Shepherd 
The Grace, the Gift, and the Joy 
Grasping Grace 
The Gray Head 
The Great Commission and You
Grieve, Then Get to Work
The Growth Chart  
Gutter Evangelism 
Have You Not Read?
He Causes It to Happen
"He Loved Me Ere I Knew Him"
He who Troubles his Own House 
Hearing the Voice of the Son of God 
The Heart of Idolatry 
A High View of Scripture 
His Only Begotten Son
His Resurrection: A Sign For All Time
Honorary Titles  
Hope Does Not Disappoint 
A House of Merchandise 
How are Your Senses? 
How Can I Know I'm Forgiven?
Humbled and Exalted, Christ and Us 
Humility of Mind
"I am the LORD" 
I Do
In Evil Be Babes 
In the Midst of the Garden 
Incompatible with Human Dignity?
Increase Our Faith 
The Insurance of Wisdom 
The Invitation 
Is Christ in You?
Is the End Near?
Is the Gospel Foolishness to You?  
Is the Gospel Hate Speech?
Is the Word of God in You? 
Is Your Confession Worth Your Life? 
Juror Misconduct
Law and Liberty
The Law of Work
The Laws of God and the Laws of Man
Learn to Be Content
Lessons from the Land 
Lest You Fall 
Let All Things Be Done For Edification
Let Marriage Be Held in Honor 
Let There Be Light
Let's Examine Halloween 
The Lie of Ananias and Sapphira
A Life Well Spent
Like the Beasts That Perish
Like Unreasoning Animals
Listen, Think, Speak 
A Little Courtesy, Please 
Living in the World
Living Things 
Lo, I am with You Always
The Lord Delivers the Righteous
The Lord Will Provide
The Lord's Supper for Children
Losing Liberty 
The Lost Tomb of Christ?
Love Rejoices with the Truth
Made to Work
The Majority, the Minority, and the Lord 
Make Certain His Calling and Choosing You 
Making Vows 
Making Wishes Come True 
The Man of God and the Old Prophet  
Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen
Marriage in Decline 
Matters of Opinion
The Mighty Works of God among Us 
Mind Your Own Business

Mishandling the Word of Truth 
Mocking Prayer 
A Monument to Satan 
The Mountatin of the House of the LORD
New Age Religion, or Old Paganism?
A New Age Wave
New Blessings Every Morning 
A New Creature
A New Year 
The Nicest Place 
No Children Allowed 
No Fairy Tale
No Fine Print
No Young People
Not All Glory Is Fleeting 
Not By Bread Alone 
Not Finding Noah 
Not in Vain 
O the Things We May Do
Obeying the Gospel
An Old Soldier Fades Away
Old Time Religion
On the Wrong Side of History
Once Baptized, Always Saved? 
One in Seven Billion 
One Powerful Way 
One Thing You Lack 
The One With Whom We Have To Do 
Open-minded or Gullible?
The Opportunity for Repentance
An Opportunistic Enemy
The Optimism of Faith, Hope, and Love 
The Parable of the Boiling Frog 
The Paradox of Discipleship
Part-time Christians
Patient When Wronged
Paul Knew About Social Media 
Perception Versus Truth in Evolution
A Perfect Life
Perfect Love 
Perversity is not Diversity 
Peter's Great Confession  
A Pharisee on Baptism
Power in Weakness  
Pray for All Who are in Authority 
A Preacher's Cause and Effect
Predestination, God's Foreknowledge, and Man's Free Will
Preparing for the Known, or Hoping for the Unknown 
The President Repents
The Prophecy of Caiaphas
The Proverbs on Righteousness and Wickedness 
The Providence of Satan 
Psalm 73
Punish Your Children 
Pure in Heart
The Pursuit of Happiness
Qualifications of a Bond-Servant
The Rapture
A Real Loser
A Reality Check
The Reason for Everything

Recovering from a Mistake
Rejoice and Remember in Your Youth 
Rejoice in the Lord Always
Religious versus Secular
Remember Lot's Wife 
Remembering Brethren 
Remembering Kindnesses
Remember Jesus Christ
Render to God the Things That Are God's 
Repentance is a Gift from God
Repentance without Regret 
Reproof is Not Hate
The Rest of the Story 
Roe v. Wade and "Meaningful Life" 
Root Cause Analysis
Save a Soul from Death 
Second Chances
Seek and Destroy
Seeking a Way Out 
Seeking Excellence or Just Getting By?
Self Esteem
Sentence Sermons - Hebrews 13:1
Sentence Sermons - Hebrews 13:2
Sentence Sermons - Hebrews 13:3
Sentence Sermons - Hebrews 13:4
Sentence Sermons - Hebrews 13:5-6
Sentence Sermons - Hebrews 13:7
Sentence Sermons - Hebrews 13:8
The Silence of Christ
The Sin of Gluttony
Sin is a Hard Road to Travel 
Sing and Make Melody with Your Heart 
Soul Saving or Pew Packing?
Sound Judgment About Yourself 
Sowing and Reaping
Starved but not Hungry
Steadfast, Immovable, Abounding 
Sticks and Stones and Profanity
Stoking the Fire
Strong Medicine
Stop the Bullying
Stop the Violence 
The Story of Jesus and the World  
Study the Works of God 
Suffering for the Sake of What? 
Suffering for the Truth
Surviving the Drought 
A Tale of Two Judgments   
Tested Today, Rewarded Forever
There Ought to Be a Law!
There is a Balm in Gilead 
There is None 
They Were Glorifying God Because of Me
"They Who Wait For The LORD"
Today, Tomorrow, or Always?
Toxic Androgyny
To God Be the Glory
To Help or Not to Help? 
To the Pure 
Too Busy
The Tower of Babel 
Trading Places
Train Up a Child 
Turn the Hearts of the Fathers Back to the Children 
Two Cases in Contrast
Two Resurrections
Wait Until the Lord Comes 
Was it not Necessary for the Christ to Suffer?  
Was Jesus Political? 
Wasted Youth
We Can Do Nothing Against The Truth 
We Exist For God
We Have An Advocate
Welcome the Discipline of God 
What Did He See?
What Is Driving the Homosexual Agenda? 
What is Written and What is Not
What It Really Is
What Others Think of You  
When Is It Gossip?
When It Is Too Late  
When the Last State has Become Worse Than the First 
When Will We Go To Heaven?
When You Assemble 
Who Gives This Woman? 
Who is a Christian?
Who is Going to Heaven? 
Why Believe in a God? 
Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?
Why is There Doubt and Unbelief? Part 2 
Why the Birth of Jesus Matters 
The Wife of Your Youth 
Will the Faithful Disappear? 
Will We Know Each Other? 
Wisdom is Vindicated by Her Deeds
Wishing for Life
Without Excuse
Woe to You 
Women Preachers in the Churches of Christ
The Wonderful Memory of God
Words versus Truth  
Working Lessons From Nehimiah
The World, the World, and the World 
Worse Than Sodom
The Worst State of Life 
The Wrong Obsession  
Wrong Thoughts About Sin
Yes, We Have No Bananas
You are All One in Christ Jesus 
You Are Christ's Body
You Have Been Bought With a Price 
You Have Been Identified 
You Have Need of Endurance
"You Just Wouldn't Understand" - Really? 
You May Know That You Have Eternal Life 
You must be Crazy!
You Shall Not Bear Any Grudge 
Your Mother Wears Combat Boots
Your Will Be Done 



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