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The Food and Drug Administration's recent approval of the use of the abortion pill RU-486, will likely result in a dramatic increase of abortion in this country. The statistics are already staggering.

   In all of America's wars, from the Revolutionary war to the war in Iraq, the amount of lives that were lost are less than one and a half million.  However, over one and a half million babies are slaughtered in America every year!  In eight years (1939-46) Nazi Germany killed 6 million Jews.  But Americans kill 12 million babies every 8 years.  The atomic bomb killed 115,000 Japanese in Hiroshima.  Yet, abortion kills 125,000 babies every month in the U.S.

     Add up all of the deaths each year from cancer, heart disease, and automobile accidents, and the figures do not total the number deaths claimed by abortion.

     In this country we have programs for saving whales, owls, wolves, and eagles. Those who are caught shooting or trapping these animals will be locked up or fined. Yet, in our country it is legal to kill an innocent baby.

     Every godly person is alarmed by the continual growth of wickedness in our nation; for, "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people" (Prov. 14:34).  The slaughter of unborn babies is surly a reproach to our nation and an abomination before God.

     The Scriptures make it plain that the fetus within the mother's womb is a living person-- a child, a baby.  Rebeckah conceived twins and the Scripture declares "the children struggled within her" (Gen. 25:21-22).  When Elizabeth, pregnant with John, was visited by Mary, "the baby leaped in her womb" (Lk. 1:41).  The same term baby is used  in the next chapter to speak of the baby Jesus lying in the manger (Lk. 2:12).  God used the same terms to describe the born and the unborn. We also see that the Scriptures state that Elizabeth "conceived  a son" (Lk. 1:36), then at the time for her to give birth, "brought forth a son" (v.37).  Again, God uses the same term to describe the born and the unborn, declaring the unborn to be a living individual.

     The fact that the baby in the womb has a living human body tells us that it also has a spirit; for "the body without the spirit is dead" (Jas. 2:26).  If the unborn child's body is alive, the spirit must be present.  The unborn child is a living individual with a spirit given by, and made in the image of, God.

     Those who defend abortion say the fetus, or prenatal child, is not really a person, but only an appendage to the mother-- no different than a wart, bunion, or tumor. If this were true, there would be nothing morally wrong with abortion. However, the fetus within the mother's womb is a living child, a distinct person from the mother.  Thus, to abort a child is no less than murder; for murder is "the intentional killing of one human being by another."

            God warns against such sin. "Do not kill the innocent or the righteous, for I will not acquit the guilty" (Ex. 23:7). "The Lord hates...hands that shed innocent blood" (Prov. 6:16-17). "Thou shalt not kill" (Rom. 13:9). Murderers will be cast into "the lake that burns with fire and brimstone" (Rev. 21:8).  Murder is sin, and abortion is murder.

     Laws of this nation may give a mother the "freedom of choice" to terminate her pregnancy, but abortion terminates a pregnancy by the extermination of a life-- whether by the hands of a doctor or by means of a RU-486 pill.

     Abortion may be legal by the standards of men in government, but the determination of what is right and  wrong is up to God not men.


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