We are looking for young and old that can come and visit us, The programme is being started by sister Gloria.
She is working very and at the moment to outreach the high school students and her targets are very good. If you are free, please drop to any of us an email and tell us if you are intrested to come and be with us for some few days. You must know that your presence is very vital thing.

Being in the community where civilization is trying to be established, we have thought it wise you can come and help in teaching the people, Gospel we have lots of work as we have said. Everything is under good management and there are 11 churches that are dying and we have thought it wise to come together with you, so that we can outreach this communities. If you want to come the Church here will be happy to accomodate you. You work on you ticket and lessons to teach us, you are also asked to prepare your work well and tell people about our works in the area of western Kenya. Kindly feel freer to contact us always.

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