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Larry W. Wofford Sr., Minister
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            Brother Larry W. Wofford Sr. was born in the small town of Hawkins TX. To Mrs. Josephine Stevenson and Mr. Raymond Frazier.  Mostly his late grandmother Miss Julia Wofford raised Larry.  He had a rather normal childhood.  He worked in the fields harvesting crops such as berries, cotton, and peas since the age of six until almost adulthood.  While in High School at Hawkins High School, where he graduated, he excelled in athletics including basketball, football, baseball and track and field.  He received a scholarship in basketball and went on to play college ball at Texas State Technical College in Waco, TX.  Brother Wofford has worked on numerous jobs of employment to include Tyler Pipe Industries, which is a cast iron foundry, and Gipson Drilling Company in Kilgore, TX where he help drill for oil in the East Texas Oil Fields.  After the oil field, Brother Wofford decided to return to Tyler Pipe Industries and while working there this time; he decides to attend school again.  He attends Southwestern Christian College in Terrell, TX where he earns a degree in Bible and Religious Education and one credit hour short of being able to carry Koine Greek as a second minor.  While attending Southwestern, Brother Wofford made extra money by tutoring first and second year Greek students under the leadership of Dr. Jack C. Davis.  Upon graduation from Southwestern, Brother Wofford enlisted into the U.S. Army joining the U.S. Army Chaplaincy.  He attended the U.S. Army Chaplain School in Fort Monmouth, NJ where he received his diploma as a Chaplain's Assistant. Afterwards, he served four years at Fort Hood, TX.  While at Fort Hood, Brother Wofford deployed with the First Cavalry Division to Saudi Arabia and Iraq for seven months where he served in Desert Storm and Desert Shield military operations for the liberation of Kuwait as a Chaplain's Assistant. Upon returning home, Brother Wofford made numerous deployments to the National Training Center located at Fort Irwin, CA.  He also attended the Primary Leadership Development Course at the Noncommissioned Officer's Academy at Fort Hood, TX.  After leaving Fort Hood, Brother Wofford served for two years with the Forty Ninth Armor Division of the Texas Army National Guard.  Upon leaving the National Guard, Brother Wofford then re-enlisted in the Active Army and served three years at Fort Lewis, WA.  While serving at Fort Lewis, WA. Brother Wofford earned the credit of being named the Soldier of the Month and pinned on his sergeant stripes.  He has received numerous awards and decorations during his time in his military service to include Army Commendation Medal with Two Oak Leaf Clusters, Army Achievement Medal with Two Oak Leaf Clusters, The National Defense Service Medal, Drivers and Mechanic Badge, Southwest Asia Service medal with Three Bronze Stars, Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia), Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait), Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon and The Army Service Ribbon.


            Brother Wofford started his ministry under the leadership of Brother Darryl B. Bowdre and staff at the North Tenneha Church of Christ in Tyler, TX.  Brother Wofford was trained and ordained as a Bible School Teacher in the North Tenneha Church of Christ Bible School.  He later served under the late Brother Mac H. Wright as his Associate Minister at the Eastside Church of Christ in Hawkins, TX.  After leaving Hawkins, Brother Wofford worked as the minister of the Neches School Road Church of Christ in Palestine, TX.  After leaving this congregation, Brother Wofford then enlisted into the military.  While in the military, he preached the gospel in California, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, New Jersey, Washington, East Texas, Kansas, South Korea, Missouri, Michigan, New York, Jamaica, and numerous churches and cities in the Central Texas area.  He also endeavored in the Radio Ministry by creating and producing the gospel program called "A Voice Crying in The Wilderness" in Killeen, TX.  He performed counseling both marital and religious, established and taught in-home bible classes and Church Leadership Training Classes.  He also organized A Cappella singing groups, performed numerous weddings, set up marriage seminars, worked a twenty-four hour crisis line and counseled, and worked with suicidal personnel.  Brother Wofford was also engaged in the prison ministry where as of February 2013 five hundred souls were taught the Gospel of Christ and baptized into the Lord's Church at the San Saba State Correctional Facility in San Saba, TX.  Included in his ministries, while in the military in Killeen, TX. were convalescent home, hospital ministries and personal evangelism.  Brother Wofford has participated in many Personal Evangelism Campaigns, Teachers Workshops, and Preacher Workshops.  While stationed at Fort Lewis, WA, Brother Wofford gained experience in the Family Life Ministry by running the First Corps Family Life Center as the Noncommissioned Officer in Charge.  Also while stationed at Fort Lewis, WA, Brother Wofford labored with congregations in the Tacoma Seattle area.  He taught in-home Bible Classes in the cities of Tacoma, University Place, Lacey, Parkland, Federal Way, and Olympia, Washington.  He preached at the Graham Church of Christ.  He preached and taught bible classes at the Warner Street Church of Christ and the Central Church of Christ in Tacoma, WA.  While attending the Warner Street Church of Christ, Brother Wofford served as their Educational Director in charge of the Bible School.  While serving as Educational Director, he conducted two eighty-hour Teacher's Training Courses.  These courses were twenty weeks long and consisted of four hours per week.  In these courses the subjects taught included Homiletics, Old Testament Survey and Typology, New Testament Survey, New Testament Church Doctrines, An Introduction to Church History, Biblical Expository Teaching and Studies, Koine Greek Grammar, Church Leadership Skills, Qualifications and Styles, and An Introduction to The Process of Hermeneutics. From these Courses there were thirty-one students who graduated and upon graduation, these students were appointed as Bible School Teachers before the congregation.  As a result of this training we were able to double the size of the congregation through the Bible School in less than two years and one of the students is presently a full time minister.  Brother Wofford also taught a Young Men's Training Course where young teenage boys were taught and trained in Church Leadership and Leadership in general. Brother Wofford also taught a thirteen week Marriage and Couples Communication Class in Federal Way, WA, conducted a radio program in Lakewood, WA, and was involved in the Prison Ministry in the city of Tacoma and Pierce County, Washington.  Brother Wofford also taught a Preacher Training Course in Lakewood, WA before leaving the area. 


            When Brother Wofford left the Tacoma Seattle area, he went to the country of South Korea.  He attended the Young San Church of Christ at South Post Chapel in Seoul, Korea.  The nearest congregation to his location was two hours away, therefore, Brother Wofford with the help of other brothers in the area established a new congregation in Tongduchong, Korea.  The Tongduchong Church of Christ was established on 10 October 1999 in the city of Tongduchong, Korea.  Brother Wofford also taught English Classes to native Koreans eleven of his twelve months in Korea.  He had a class of fifty-seven students and as usual, he became very close with his students developing close relationships with them.  Brother Wofford returned to the United States in February 2000 to Fort Riley, Kansas.  While stationed at Fort Riley, KS, Brother Wofford preached and taught the Gospel of Christ at the Adams Street Church of Christ located in Junction City, KS.  He also worked with these brothers in a Personal Evangelism Campaign, which produced numerous baptisms. In March 2001 brother Wofford left Fort Riley, Kansas in route to Texas where he preached the gospel in Hawkins, TX.  After leaving Texas, Brother Wofford then returned to the City of Tacoma.  While in Tacoma, Brother Wofford returned to the Central Church of Christ.  He left the Central Church of Christ and placed his membership with the Portland Avenue Church of Christ where he served as their minister of evangelism and as their adult bible schoolteacher he taught all their adult bible classes. While at the Portland Avenue Church of Christ Brother Wofford also conducted another Teacher's Training Course and taught the Men's Training Class. While laboring at the Portland Avenue Church of Christ, Brother Wofford also preached the gospel at the Women's Correctional Facility located in Purde, WA.    


            By way of family, Brother Wofford married Sister Donna Adams Wofford on July 15, 1977.  They have two children, Tracy L. and Larry W. Jr. They have one grandson, Tyrique and one granddaughter, Amari.  Brother Wofford's family has been very supportive of him and the ministry and they support him in each endeavor he engages in where the ministry is concerned.  Brother Wofford graduated on May 24, 2004 with his Masters of Divinity in Theological and Biblical studies from the Western Reformed Seminary in the city of Tacoma, Washington.  While in seminary, some of his studies involved Theology, Hebrew Grammar, Koine Greek Grammar, Church History, Church Organization and Administration, Old Testament and New Testament Studies, Evangelism, Homiletics, Hermeneutics, Biblical, Marriage and Family Counseling. As of July 2005, Brother Wofford begins serving at the Brooklyn Church of Christ as their full time minister.  He resigned in November 2012 after serving for seven and one half years.  While in Brooklyn, he organized the congregation, set up their Bible School by teaching and training through Teacher's Training Courses.  One hundred and Forty-seven students in the New York and New Jersey area have completed the Brooklyn Church of Christ Teachers Training Course under Brother Wofford's leadership.  These students were from the Brooklyn Church of Christ in Brooklyn, NY, Queens Church of Christ Queens, NY, and Roosevelt-Freeport Church of Christ in Long Island, NY and Kings Church of Christ in Brooklyn, NY.  Forty-Three of these new teachers have been trained for the Brooklyn Church of Christ and later an Educational Director and an Educational Committee was appointed to oversee the educational programs of the congregation.  Brother Wofford also conducted two Marriage Enrichment Seminars using power point presentations teaching the topics of the Theology of the Family, Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage for the congregation.  Conducted numerous counseling sessions to include marriage, family, bereavement, pre-marital, biblical and couples communication counseling. Brother Wofford designed a visitation program where no member who is absent from services, or any visitor who visits the congregation goes without a visit.  This visitation program also included the sick members getting a complete worship service in their homes and in a convalescence home on a weekly basis. Brother Wofford conducted extensive leadership training with efforts of trying to lead the congregation toward the selection of an eldership and possibly a deaconship for a scriptural leadership.  He taught extensive lessons on scriptural leadership for the church and also set up a Leadership Seminar and brought in a visiting minister to conduct a seminar. Brother Wofford also helped the congregation to get their first website.  He also produced a television program for the congregation through (BCAT) Brooklyn Community Access Television which is Public Access Television Station in the city of Brooklyn, NY  several shows were actually produced and aired.  Brother Wofford was also blessed to speak on the Northeastern Lectureship at the Harlem Church of Christ in New York, NY in 2007 and 2010.  He also conducted- an eighty-one hour Teacher's Training Course at the Harlem Church of Christ where Elders and Deacons in training were trained and taught.  This class had forty one students and thirty-four graduated in November 2010.  He was also afforded the opportunity to conduct a Gospel Meeting/Campaign in Falmouth, Jamaica in 2007.  Brother Wofford attended a Church Management and Tax Conference in 2008 where he earned three hours of CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) credits.  Brother Wofford also organized an A cappella singing group known as "The Brooklyn Gospel Singers" while serving at the Brooklyn Church of Christ.  Brother Wofford has served with the South 17thStreet Church of Christ in Saginaw, MI under the leadership of Brother Cedric Townsel Sr. for the three years as a Bible School Teacher.  Brother Wofford also served as the fill-in Evangelist for the Kiesel Road Church of Christ in Bay City, MI for two years before accepting the responsibility of Evangelist for the South Beloit Church of Christ in South Beloit, IL.  He conducted a Teacher's Training Course for the Keisel Road Church of Christ located in Bay City, MI and he conducted two courses for the South 17thStreet Church of Christ located in Saginaw, MI. The Teachers Training Courses conducted for these two congregations were the first in the state of Michigan with twelve students graduating from the combined courses.  This brought the number of graduates of the Teacher's Training Courses nationwide to 169 students when including the nine students who have audited the course.  He also participated on the panel of biblical discussions for the TCT (Total Christian Television) program "Ask The Pastor" in Saginaw, MI.  Brother Wofford's future goals includes teaching bible and biblical languages at the college, university, or seminary level and eventually establishing a preaching school one day and a school where the church of Christ takes the responsibility of educating our children instead of leaving this most important responsibility to the public school systems.  

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