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He is Thy Life

       Life is a most precious commodity.  It is a poorly understood concept scientifically, but one that is clear even to a child in an everyday sort of way.  We know the difference between life and death physically speaking, but we have some difficulty dealing with living in all of its fullness.

            Godís design in Eden was to provide a place for man to live.  In that place were all the ingredients for life, even everlasting life.  Along with those provisions God made man a companion to complete the earthly picture.  Godís presence was taken as a certainty, for without him all life in any form would have failed.  That picture was complete.  Man was alive and truly living.

            Before sin entered, God had spoken to Adam and Eve and offered them a choice.  They could obey Him and live forever or disobey Him and die.  Life was clearly an option, and based upon all of creation it was Godís overriding desire.  The entrance of sin into the world was manís choice, not Godís predetermination.  Death and separation came into the world as a result of sin, and life in its fullness was over.

            God, however, did not give man what he fully deserved, but rather provided hope for life to come.  He continued to declare Himself through the ages to all who would listen.  He gave witness to mankind of His presence and power.  He gave laws and comm