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Phil. 1:1-2

Purpose: To review how the church should be structured.

I. Introduction:
    A. There are various forms of church government in use today. Some have a central head of
         the world. Some rely on councils,conventions and delegates. Some allow the founder of
         that congregation to become the ultimate authority. Etc.
    B. The Bible defines how the church is to be organized. It is a very simple plan including
         autonomy, elders, deacons, ministers and members.
II. Unity with Jesus as the head, all churches autonomous:
     A. Jesus prayed for unity of all in John 17:20-21. Paul pleaded for it in 1 Cor. 1:10. We are
          to be unified, believing the same, speaking the same, with no divisions.
     B. Jesus is the head of the church universal. Eph. 1:22. No earthly head for the church.
     C. Each congregation stands on its own. Not responsible to answer to any other
          congregation. Able to make their own decisions on how they will meet the responsibilities
          of doing the work of the church. They are autonomous.
     D. Paulís introduction to Philippians includes the saints, elders and deacons. Phil. 1:1-2.
III. Elders:
      A. Rulers, overseers, bishops, shepherds. They have responsibility to feed, protect
           (Acts 20:28-31), give account for each of us. Acts 14:23, elders appointed in every
           church. Acts 20:17, plurality of elders at Ephesus.
      B. 1 Tim. 3:1-7, Titus 1:6-9. Must be qualified.
      C. Submit and obey the elders. Heb. 13:16-17; 1 Thes. 5:12-13.
      D. Not all churches have elders, but this is not Godís plan.
           1. Unscripturally organized. (Pope, regional bishops, etc. Diotrephes 3 Jn.9-10.)
           2. Scripturally organized. (Elders, deacons, saints, Phil. 1:1)
           3. Scripturally unorganized. (None yet qualified to lead. Ac. 14:21-23.)
           4. Unscripturally unorganized. (Not wishing to submit to any rulers.)
IV. Deacons:
      A. They are servants. Diakonos is a servant. Sometimes a special one, sometimes generic.
           Must be qualified. 1 Tim. 3:8-13. Acts 6:1-7.
      B. Not junior elders or elders in training. Not limited to physical tasks. Special servants but
           not the only servants in the church. Must be allowed to do the job they are given.
      C. D