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         John Massicott - Evangelist

Serving Christ

Serving Christ

Service to God is important if we intend to go to heaven. Service involves believing His words. We should be learners, not free thinkers (Matt. 11:28 – 30). We are to become as humble children at His feet (Matt. 18:3). We serve Christ by obeying His commands (John 14:15). This means we must do what He says. Not what we think (John 2:5). We serve/follow Christ by imitating His example in our life (1 Peter 2:21). We follow/serve Christ by clinging to His cause (Matt. 6:33). Serving God has its rewards for faithful servants. The Bible says: ‘If any man serve me, him will my Father honor.’ The Father (G0d) honors us with sonship (Gal. 3:26 – 27). The Father honors us with a spiritual family (1 Tim. 3:15). The Father honors us with heavenly representation (1 John 2:1 – 2). The Father will also honor us with all spiritual blessings (Eph. 1:3) for our service to Him. And, finally,

John has written a book that gives assurance (1 John 5:13). The assurance of eternal life depends on:

A.    Believing God, or, having confidence in God’s testimony (1 John 5:9-11).

B.     God has guaranteed us eternal life in Christ (1 John 5: 11-12).

Confidence in God is also revealed by building on the foundation that:

A.    God is faithful (1 John 1:8)

B.     God is just