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Hannah Mother of Samuel
Hannah, Mother of Samuel 1Samuel 2.1-10

The Long Night
long period of anarchy - no king & no god in Israel (Jdg17.6 / 21.25)
real Need: not for a king, but for revival of true religion - in heart of nation
enter Samuel - Judge, Priest, Prophet - raised by God - & a godly woman

Noble Elkanah - 1Samuel1. More>>

Repent and Live
Repent and Live! Joel 2.11-14
When we're going the wrong way, 'God requires U-turns.'

Hear Him Calling
The Cry of the Voice in the Wilderness & the King Himself (Mt3. More>>

Give Me This Mountain
"Give Me This Mountain!" Joshua 14.6-12

Surveying the Land
Leader in Judah (Num13.2&6), as were 11 other men, each in their tribe.
Impressed by Hebron: 250 yr old, walled city, atop 3k' ridge, home of Anakim. More>>

Christ IS Risen
Christ IS Risen! 1Cor15.1-11

What Did He Do?
He Lived - a perfect life - taught the kingdom & healed the sick (Mk1.14&15)
He Died - carrying the sin-guilt of all mankind to a gruesome death (1Pet2. More>>

One Thing You Lack
"One Thing You Lack." Mark10.17-22

the tragedy of the rich young ruler (here in Mark, simply "a man.")
parallels in Mt19 ("young") & Lk18 ("ruler"). More>>

Predestined in Christ
Predestined in Christ Ephesians 1.3-11

What man builds a tower... (Lk14.28-32)? Does God not have the wisdom to plan ahead?

1. More>>

Church of New Covenant
The church of the New Covenant Matthew 16.13-20

by Jesus, Son of God, Himself (Mt16.13-20) [faith community - 18.17] Purchased with His Blood (Ax20. More>>

How to Save an Atheist
How to Save an Atheist 1Peter3.13-18

The testimony of an ex-atheist. Three (3) things converted her:
the wholesome life of real believers / record of truth in scripture / conviction of guilt in sin. More>>

Christ Lives in Me
Christ Lives in Me! Galatians 2.17-21

read vs11-16 as background
(v11) Paul calls down Peter! (v12) His preference to Jews caused him to shun Gentiles. More>>

Qualities of Elders
The Qualities of Elders

the need
set in order / arrange lacking things - the assembly needs leaders (Tit1.5)
qualified men - not just any body will do - "overseer MUST be..." (1Tim3. More>>

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The LORD Is My Rock
The LORD is My Rock - Psalm 18
public reading: vs1-6 / study further - to v31

You've done your best and been rewarded. Suddenly, your king turns on you in a jealous rage. He makes numerous attempts on your life, finally chasing you away into the wilderness. More>>

Trembling at God's Word
Trembling at God's Word - Isa66.1-5

v1 God's Home
His throne is exalted in the skies, and earth is His footstool!
Solomon recognized the smallness of his grand worship place (1Kgs8. More>>


Grow in the Lord
Grow in the Lord! 2 Peter 1.3-11

to those endowed with conviction of equal honor from holy God & Savior Jesus (v1)
favor & tranquility in life abound by experience with God & our Lord Jesus (v2)

Made Great Start! More>>

Love the LORD Your God
Love the LORD Your God

"Honey, do you still love me?" How do you answer that?
Jesus asked Peter, "Do you love me?" (Jn21.17) A: Lord, you know!

The Principle Rule Mt22. More>>

The Eye is the Lamp
The Eye is the Lamp Luke 11.33-36

Universal Figure
The 1st day: "Let there be... and there was... was good." (Gen1.3-5)
Every day experience > figure of speech: "In the dark / saw the light. More>>

Help the Church Grow
What Can I Do to Help the Church Grow?
The Lord's church (Mt16.18): He adds to it (Acts2.47) & is the Savior (Eph5.22).

Commit to Grow
step #1: godly passion. Not wish, but yearning prayer (Rom10. More>>

Passion of Christ
The Passion of the Christ -- Matthew 27.24-50
the pinnacle of His life: his passion (suffering) Acts1.3 / 17.3 / 26.23

Foretold: must suffer - preparing the disciples (Mt16. More>>

How to Be a Pharisee
How to Be a Pharisee
toward a better understanding of a famous character

The Excellent Pharisee
Heb parash -- to separate / a religious separatist / a sect of Jews -- 100X in NT
Practiced strict religion: fast often (Mt9. More>>

Do I Doubt That?
Do I Doubt That...?

Believers Do Doubt
process of conviction: unbelief > question > testing > proof > faith

healthy to Q: buying snake oil? a used car? just any theology? More>>

Teach Me Your Ways
Teach Me Your Ways - Psa25
prayer for help / & praise for Yahweh, Great Guide & Covenant God
acrostic arrangement, each verse begins with letter of Hebrew alphabet

Times of Trouble
Pursued by Jealous Saul (1Sam18)
Straying with Bathsheba (2Sam11)
Rebellion of Son Absalom (2Sam15)

Most Earnest Prayer
Lifting up the whole self to God (v1)
Dependent on Him continually (v5)
Including petition for others (v2&22)

Hungry for Help
Show Me! More>>

Faith VS Fear
Faith VS Fear
"Do not fear, only believe." (Mk5.36)

How Fear Works
A survival & self-defense mechanism. Fight or flight. More>>

Amazing Jesus
Amazing Jesus Luke8.22-25

Encountering Jesus
Sailing across the lake with disciples, Jesus sleeps in boat.
Windstorm tossed, they awaken the Master, who calms wind & wave. More>>

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All Things New
All Things New

The attraction of "New and Improved:" we're all looking for something new.

New Impossible
No real self-improvement. We are all stuck in a rut, unable to get out. More>>

Confess Your Sins
Confess Your Sins one another. James 5.16

"My name is ___________. I'm a sinner." (Confessing Sinners Association)

Appropriate Response (vs13&14)
Suffering? More>>

Busy Here and There
Busy Here and There

Lesson for a King (1Kings20)
King Ahab spared life of enemy Benhadad, King of Syria (32).
Prophet tells story of allowing POW to escape, while busy (v40).
Lesson to Ahab: missed opportunity brings condemnation (v42). More>>

Stay Focused
Stay Focused (on the race) Philippians 3

Bryan Clay 2008 Olympic Decathlon Gold. When he know? "Won at the finish line."

Our Competitive Faith
Finish my course (Jesus! More>>

The Patience of Job
The Patience of Job James 5.7-11

Conventional wisdom: God rewards goodness and punishes evil.
Yet, experience compels us to contemplate undeserved suffering. More>>

God's Name is YHWH
God's Name is YHWH

Sing to God, sing praises to his name; lift up a song to him who rides through the deserts; his name is YHWH; exult before him! (Psa 68:4)

His Chosen Name
God reveals Himself to Moses as YHWH: Ex3:13-16. More>>

We Are Mortal
We are Mortal

A brush with death alters our perspective -- from "Everyone dies" to "I will die."

"...And He Died."
Each patriarch, though long lived, met the same end - 8x in Gen5. More>>

Repent or Perish
Repent or Perish!

From that time Jesus began to preach, saying, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." (Mat 4:17 ESV)

Word 'repent' occurs 10x in OT / 26x in NT. More>>

WHY be Baptized
WHY be Baptized?

Various answers today:

'outward sign of an inward grace -- Christian circumcision'

'to be added to the church -- following training & testing period'

'necessary for obedience to Jesus -- but not for salvation'

What Is Baptism
Greek word (baptize) and usage -- plunge, dip, immerse, overwhelm, submerge
immersion in water / as priest washing "all his flesh' (Lev15. More>>

The Way of Balaam
The Way of Balaam

The Story: Numbers22-24
Intimidated King of Midian, Balak, hires soothsayer Balaam to curse Israel.
Balaam comes, provisionally, under threat to speak only as Yahweh directs. More>>

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A Balanced Life
A Balanced Life
Eccl7:14-23 Prosperity, adversity, mystery, diversity: Wisdom required for a balanced life.
Reading the Signs
Imbalance: Neglect of duties / abuse of self or others / Poor health / Unhappiness Balance: Health and Strength / good Support network: friends, church / personal peace Troubled Concept
Dedication to Roles in Artificial Conflict: Man at work / Wife at home. More>>

The Power of God to Save
The Power of God to Save
What IS the greatest power known to man? the purpose & work of the church?
Under obligation / indebted / delinquent. Why? Compelled to pass grace along. More>>

Psalm 119 Our Dependence on God's Word
Psalm 119 - Our Dependence on God's Word

Who is God?
Righteous v137
& so is His word vs144, 156
Good v68
& so is His word v39
Faithful v90
& so is His word vs86, 138
Loyal Love vs41, 64, 76, 77
(again! More>>

Loneliness (Psa102:7)

What Is It?
"Social Isolation" / Lack of connectedness, meaningful relationship / We can feel lonely in a crowd (Prov14:10). More>>

Humble before God Notes
Humility before God 1Pet5:5-11

v5 You younger
minor in physical age and faith
be subject to elders. More>>

Restoring All Things
The Restoration of All Things
Lame Man Healed (Acts3:1-10)
laid at the 'Beautiful' gate, asking alms. "your attention please... what I have. In name of Jesus, get up and walk. More>>

Our Creator God
Creator God
Gen1&2 "In the Beginning God"
"Let there be..." (vs3,6,9,11,14,20,24). World spoken into existence. As He refined and completed the natural order -- everything in its place. More>>

The church that Jesus built
The church that Jesus built

The confession and the promise - Mt16:13-20
Who IS Jesus? the Messiah / Son of God / the Rock. "I will build..." establish & edify / Q: A promise kept? More>>

We Aim to Please
We Aim to Please

"So whether we are at home or away, we make it our aima to pleaseb him." (2Cor5:9 ESV)

Examining the Words of this Admonition
aphilotimeomai = 1) to be actuated by love of honour (1Thess4:11)
2) to be ambitious / 2a) to strive earnestly, make it one's aim (Rom15:20)
beuarestos = 1) well pleasing, acceptable (not just barely good enough) - fully received. More>>

Captain of Our Delieverance
The Captain of our Deliverance -- Heb2:5-18

To Slay the accuser, holding power of death - v14. To Deliver the POW's held in his prison - v15. To Rescue Adam's race -- children of Abraham - v16. More>>

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Lessons from Noah's Day
Lessons from Noah's Day

Amazing how much instruction we may derive from writing of former days (~Rom15:4~)
1. Human corruption makes God Sad - ~Gen 6:5-7~
Man leaves the knowledge of God -- and stumbles down a fateful path. More>>

Faith Makes Well
"Your Faith has made you Well."

Q: Must one believe (strongly) in order to be made WELL by the Lord?

Galilean Woman - Mark 5:25-34
12 years bleeding -- wasted all her living on doctors -- no better, but worse Believed in His power -- just touch His clothes -- "& I will be whole" Determined -- pushed her way thru the crowd. More>>

Repentance Unto Life
Repentance unto Life
Scripture Reading: ~Hebrews 6:1-8~
First Teaching of Christ (~Heb 6:1~)
The call of the gospel: "Repent! The kingdom of heaven is near!" (Mt 3:2 / ~Mt 4:17~ / Mk1:15) Required of all those coming to the Messiah (~Lk 24:47~ / Ax2:38 / 3:19 / ~Acts 17:30~). More>>

Baptized into Christ
Baptized into Christ "The elementary teaching of Christ... instruction about baptisms..." -- ~Heb 6:1,2~
Yet there are so many questions about the basics. We must Master the Fundamentals.
John's Baptism -- ~Mk 1:1-5~ / ~Lk 3:3-14~
Preparation for Kingdom: Make way in your hearts & lives for the Savior Radical Repentance: "Flee from the wrath to come! More>>

Baptized for Salvation - A Supplement
Baptized for Salvation - A Supplement Answering the false doctrines of men which separate baptism from salvation...
Can I be Saved w/o Baptism?

Saved w/o faith? "Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved" (Mk16:16 / Acts3:26,27) Saved w/o repentance? More>>

Sons of God
Sons of God
"In the place where it was said to them, "You are not my people," it shall be said to them, "Children of the living God."" (Hosea 1:10 ESV) >> ~Romans 9:25-26~

"Not my People? More>>

Zion, City of God
Zion, the City of God
But as it is, they desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared for them a city. (Hebrews 11:16 ESV)
Country or City Life? More>>

Pass It On!
Pass it On!
Our need to pass on God's Way of Life (& not try to 'take it with us').
The Native American Way of Life
Endangered from Without by Aggression and Resettlement Weakened from Within by Substance Abuse and Neglect of Family Culture Preserved in Ceremony and Craft (pottery, weaving, jewelry) "Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth? More>>

The Seven Sayings of Jesus from the Cross
6 hours one Friday (9am to 3pm)
1 And Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." And they cast lots to divide his garments. (Luke 23:34 ESV)
Mercy: the very purpose of His life -- for others, not for Himself (cf Mt26:53) As He taught, praying for His persecutors (Mt5:44) / as Stephen did (Acts7:59,60) Ignorance: acts in rebellion (Jn16:3) / fulfills Divine will (Acts13:27 / 1Cor2:8 ) gives occasion for grace (Ax3:17/ 1Tim1:13) 2 And he said to him, "Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise. More>>

God's Man, Caleb
Caleb, the 'whole-hearted' man.
...after 1 year+ at Mt Sinai / head north thru wilderness / into Negev, towards Canaan...

Taking the Land (almost) -- Take One: ·Already a leader from among Judah's family -- sent in as scout: Num13:1-16
·The 12 return with a report on the land -- note the variance: vs25-29
·Hoshea & Caleb's conclusion -- v30 / VS the Ten (Majority) -- vs31-33
·The Nation despairs, while four try to turn the tide. More>>

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Thoughts from the Road

How to Talk with Unbelievers
From the road...
Often we are faced with talking to unbelievers and are not sure how to proceed. So many time they act like bullies, call us names, and do not listen to anything we say. I have some tips on how to have a useful and open dialogue with unbelievers. More>>

Agree on Terms
Agree on the Meaning of Terms

When we talk to unbelievers it is important to agree on the definitions of the words we use. If we look at the word theory scientists have a different definition than the average person. More>>

Life from Non-Life?
Thoughts from the Road

Our non-believing friends like to accuse us of not believing in science, while they affirm that evolution is a proven scientific fact. Actually, it is more of an idea, an unsubstantiated conjecture. More>>

Ultimate Self-Righteousness
We as Christians are sometimes accused of being self-righteous. But, but let's think about this.

Righteous is a legal term meaning right within the covenant. Our covenant with the Father through our Lord Jesus has a law to be followed and a list of blessings and curses. More>>


Our unbelieving friends like to accuse us of not believing in science. Math is a science - one of the most pure sciences. Probability is part of this.
Simple probability is 1 equals it will happen and 0 means it will not happen. More>>

More on Probability
More on Probability

There are two more numbers in probability to know. Mathematicians give two different numbers that the probability of life from nonlife is really zero. First is 1 x 10^110 and the other to 1 x 10^50. More>>


Sometimes when we talk with non-believers they are aggressive and call names, insult us, and try to tell us we know nothing about science.

What is our response? More>>

Karma is a popular word in our culture. There is disagreement about what it exactly is or means. Here in the west we like to make things pretty and easy on the eyes and the brain. We do not like things harsh so we try to make it compatible with what we believe. More>>

The Laws of Nature
The Laws of Nature

There are several laws of nature that apply to our lives and to science. These laws are important because they explain how things work and what will not work.

These laws were written by God, though some will disagree with that statement. More>>

The Law of Rationality
The Law of Rationality

We see in Job 38:33 that the Lord God set the laws of nature in place. This assures us that we live in an orderly universe. This is a blessing to us.

When we look at the definition of a law we can see it is very precise. More>>

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Class Outlines

God's Plan for Growth
God's Plan for Building the church - Eph 4:7-16
Measure of Christ's Gift -- v7
Each one of us. None without portion. Grace Gift: freely bestowed from divine store. As Christ sees fit to provide. More>>

Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! (Psa 133:1 ESV)
Def: condition of being one, forming one complete whole, singularity Syn: agreement, harmony, accord, union, unanimity, coherence, consonance Foundation for Unity
as a single solid dwelling requires a firm foundation. More>>

The Power of Prayer
The Power of Prayer
Abram plead with LORD for Sodom (~Gen 18:22~) Elijah - about rain (or not -- 3.5 years!) - VS Ahab (~Jas 5:17-18~) Jesus says required to cast out mute demon (~Mark 9:29~) (and what He didn't pray for: 12 legions of angels- ~Matt 26:53~) church for captive Peter > "his angel" "astonished" (~Acts 12:5,11,12-16~)

What IS Prayer? More>>

The Loyal-Love of God
The Loyal-Love of God

In the Hebrew Scripture, there is a special word used for the love of God: Hesed.
The 'H' is a hard consonant, having a 'K' sound, so the word is sometimes written 'chesed' - with the pronunciation of kheh'-sed given by James Strong (1890). More>>

2016 NT Reading Plan

Marana church of Christ
12311 W Moore Rd
Marana AZ 85653
www. More>>


Mark 1a Notes
Mark1a (vs1-15) Notes

1 The beginning of the gospel
Every tale starts somewhere. The Good News of Jesus starts here. More>>

Mark Background
The Gospel According to Mark
Church patriarch Papias (AD60-130): "Mark became Peter's interpreter and wrote down accurately... the things both said and done by the Lord. More>>

Mark 1b Notes

Mark1b Notes

14. After John arrested
the Voice apprehended by a tyrant (more on this later at 6:17-28)
Jesus came into Galilee
region of upbringing -- the area of most of His work / 15K Jews in 204 villages, Decapolis including Gentiles: 3 million (Josephus)
proclaiming the gospel of God
messenger 1st class -- the source, announcing
15. More>>

Mark 1c Notes
Mark 1c (vs29-45) Notes

29 Immediately left the synagogue
straight 'home' after church
entered the house of Simon & Andrew
staying with disciples
with James and John
brothers in work and spirit
30 mother-in-law ill with fever
Peter married & she followed (1Cor9:5)
immediately told him about her
w/o delay / her needs greatest
31 He came and took her by the hand
sympathy for the ill -- now as then
lifted her up and the fever left her
both human aid & divine healing [no chants, charms, or charlotry]
she began to serve them
w/o convalescence / back to work! More>>

Mark 2a Notes
Mark2a Notes

1 After some days
lengthy yet undefined period
returned to Capernaum
from traveling about Galilee (1:39)
reported at home
News gets around (fast) -- He's at Peter's. More>>

Mark2b Notes
Mark2b vs 13-22 Notes

13 He out again beside sea
foot travel by lake near town
all crowd coming to Him
mobbed by people everywhere he went
He was teaching them
His focal service / and ours: proclaim truth
14 He passed by Levi Bar-Alphaeus
aka Matthew (Mat9:9)
a Jew named from priestly tribe
worked as a traitor / extortioner
sitting at tax booth
tax agent collects excise on commerce*
"Follow me"
Jesus wants him as learner
he rose and followed. More>>

Mark2c3a Notes
Mark 2c-3a (2:23-3:6) Notes

2:23 One Sabbath
rest day, 7th day each week
here begin 2 cases of conflict
He was going thru the grain fields

again, on foot, walking upon the land
disciples pluck heads of grain

snacking on neighbors grain nuts / law made allowance for poor to glean (Ex23:11 / Dt24:19 / Ruth2:2,7,8,15,16,19)
24 Pharisees saying to Him
religious separatists always watching
likely at field's edge they Qion Him
"Look -- not lawful on Sabbath. More>>

Mark 3b Notes
Mark 3b (vs7-19) Notes

7 Jesus withdrew -- to the sea
anachoreo = retire
leaving the synagogue & opponents behind
with His disciples
taking friends / learners with Him
time for more friendly company
great crowd followed
polos plethos = abundantly large number
akoloutheo = joined road / in same way
many seekers
from Galilee & Judea
v8 & Jerusalem
North & South central Jewry
news proceeds His presence there
and Idumea and TransJordan
far South -- Edom
and East -- Decapolis - edges of Palestine
and around Tyre and Sidon
far North coastlands -- Phoenicia / home to Gentiles
When great crowd heard
Word travels fast. More>>

Mark 3c Notes
Mark3c (vs20-34) Notes

20 He went home
Seems Peter's house serves as base (1:29) / attempt some remnant of private life
crowd gathered again
challenge of popularity cont. More>>

Mark 4a Notes
Mark4a (vs1-20) Notes

1 Again he began to teach by the sea
Another (renewed?) occasion
Not in synagogue, but outside
very large crowd gathered about Him
intensive great number of interested people
so he sat in a boat on the sea
as previously arranged with fishermen (3:9)
crowd beside the sea on the land
listeners gathered on the shore
2 He was teaching them many things in parables. More>>

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World Religions from the Road

Hinduism 1
Hinduism, part 1

In this series of articles we will be looking at Hinduism and comparing it to Christianity. I will not be comparing Christians and Hindus or individuals of each religion. More>>

Hinduism 2
To the western mind Hinduism might seem to be a very complicated religion. There are a whole host of gods and things worshiped.

Truth is the goal of life for the Hindu and is defined as Moksha. More>>

Hinduism 3

In Hinduism, education is very important. Teachers of Hinduism are highly regarded and are often revered.
A sage is a very spiritual person and they are the ones that the Vedas were reveled to. More>>

Hinduism 4

Truth is important in both Hinduism and Christianity. Truth is foundational in both religions. As we look at what truth is we also need to define it in relationship to both religions. More>>

Messiah in Matthew

Healed by His Wounds
Messianic Prophecy in Matthew - Part 4
Healed by His Wounds - Mt8.14-17

Healing in Galilee
Leper cleansed / healed (vs1-4)
Centurion's Servant healed (vs5-13)
Peter's Mom-in-law made well (vs14&15)
Many demon-possessed and sick (v16)

and all this healing fulfills Isa 53. More>>