March 9, 2016 At 6:00 PM, during Wednesday night Bible Study, we will begin featuring Bible classes directly from Sunset International Bible Institute College Professors

        In the latter part of 2015, Jerry Pruitt with Sunset International Bible Institute arranged for our congregation to receive all of their VHS tapes containing their curriculum taught by their college professors.  To say the least, we are greatly appreciative to have been honored with this gift, and we will begin featuring these classes at our Wednesday night Bible study beginning on March 9, 2016 at 6:00 PM.          
      Don't miss this opportunity to be taught by some of the churches finest and exceptional men.  These professors are all gospel preachers, missionaries, and teachers, who each have decades of experience, and in some cases over fifty years individual experience of teaching and preaching the Bible around the world.  Some of these men are also well known authors, publishing some of the finest books on Biblical topics that can be found anywhere.     

       Rarely does such an opportunity as this come along.  Don't miss the chance to take advantage of God's word being taught here in your own home town by these dynamic teachers!   These are the same classes and curriculum that one would take to receive a bachelors degree in Biblical studies, but obviously without the accreditation.     
       I promise you that your life will be blessed and you will see God's word unfolded to you as it likely never has been before.  Our Wednesday night Bible study featuring the Sunset International Bible Institute professors begins March 9, 2016 at 6:00 PM.  Don't miss this special opportunity, at absolutely no cost or obligation on your part.        
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