Skippy Norman Testimony

Skippy Norman Testimony

Thank God for All You have done, is doing and continue to do in my life.

The longer I live the closer I get to my Lord and Savior, the more He shows me His grace and mercy, and that He is not through with me yet. Last year during my regular doctor visit with all the blood work etc. My doctor was a little concerned about my PSA being a little bit high. She said it was nothing to be worried about, but she wanted to keep check on it to see if it changed or stay the same at my next visit. Months passed and it's time for that next visit. We go through all that blood work and the PSA is just a little higher, she is still not overly concern and want to check again the next time.

On the May 29, 2015, I went to back for regular doctor appointment.  After getting lab report it was found that my PSA was still high.  The Doctor wanted to get another opinion I was referred to Urology for further test. Mind you all this time, I'm not concerned cause I know who is in control of me, the doctors, this universe.  I got work to do for the Lord.  I ain't got time to worry when I know I got the best "Doctor".  The One who can heal all types of sickness and diseases.

On the June 25th I was scheduled for a prostate biopsy.  Before getting the results, my wife and I talked about the biopsy briefly.  We prayed about it and said we knew God would be with us no matter the outcome, positive or negative.  Now, I know that God was preparing us for what the doctor would say.

On June 30th we met with the urology doctor to discuss the results.  Little did I know those results would change my life, for the better.  My faith grew deeper and my trust stronger.  The diagnosis was, that I had prostate cancer.  After the doctor discussed the results and options with us, he asked me how was I doing when I first came in.  I said that I was doing good and he said "You are going to continue to do good now that you know you have cancer."  I told him that I already knew that because God is in control.  Before we left, the doctor began scheduling the necessary appointments for us to get the information in order to weigh all the options available for what to do.

I had asked the church to pray for me as I was going for results of the biopsy.  So, on our way home, concerned members wanted to know how everything went.  My words were "Results were positive, I have prostate cancer. God got this."

The following Sunday the lesson I shared was from Rom. 8:28 "How do you handle unfavorable news?" which dealt with:

  • Know Him.

  • Trust Him.

  • Understand His purpose.


As I was going to the different appointments I could see God all up in this.

  • Chest X-ray -- good.

  • Bone Scan -- good.

  • Oncology doctor ruled out radiation treatments.

  • Bone density scan -- good.  Cancer had not spread outside of prostate.

  • MRI came back good.




Then I met with Surgical team talked and talked about Open Surgery and Robotic Surgery.  I talk to God and my wife and decided to have the robotic surgery.  After more tests, I was cleared as a candidate for the Robotic Surgery.  Things proceeded as follows:

  • Sept. 21st -- Met with anesthesiology team to discuss the surgery and the pre-op preparations.

  • Sept. 29th-- Surgery Start Time:  8:20 AM

Surgery End Time:  12:06 PM

  • After recovery I was placed in a room.  I was asked if I was in pain.  God's still at work.  Again He had His hands on me.  I had just a little pain but mostly sore.

  • Sept. 30 -- I was sore, no pain sitting on the side of my bed.  My wife assisted me as I walked down the hallway.

  • At 2:00 the doctor came in and said I will get to go home if the blood work come back good.

  • PRAISE GOD.  At 6:00 p.m. I was discharged from the hospital to go Home!

  • On Oct. 13, I went back to have tube removed. Done several test and pass.  No sign of cancer.  Will go back in six weeks for blood work to check PSA.  I AIN'T WORRIED!

God is awesome, when you know God and trust God totally, God will show you what He can do.


He is my Redeemer, Healer, Comforter, Way Maker, Rock, Strength, My All in All (oops sorry, thought I was preaching).


I, Skippy Norman, will Serve Him and Praise Him till the day I die.  I hope that this testimony will bless somebody's life. Trust Him, Obey Him, He will bring you out, over, under, and/or through it all.  Nobody but God guided those doctors' hands using a Robot, to remove my prostate, without any nerve damage, through small incisions in my body. NOBODY BUT GOD!  He knows what you need and when you need it (there I go preaching again).  I just can't help but get excited when talking about My Lord and Savior,

I thank God for my families, (biological and spiritual).  I am truly blessed to see the love that was shown through people calling, texting, Facebooking, cards, monetary gifts, prayers, or just thinking of us.

God is good all the time and all the time God is good.