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Article 0102 - Entropy

The Two Laws of Entropy:
 Evolution's Major Adversaries

Jon Gary Williams

The two laws of entropy, also known as the laws of thermodynamics, are among the best established laws of natural science. Together they expose the unscientific nature of the theory of evolution. How is this done?

The first law of entropy says that while energy can change from one state to another, the total amount of energy in a closed system remains constant. This shows that from the beginning energy was at its optimum level. This also means that no new energy is being created.

In stark contrast, the theory of evolution, at its foundation, requires that energy had a meager beginning -- that in the past, energy was at lower levels but increased with time. The first law of entropy creates a giant problem for which the theory of evolution has no solution.

The second law of entropy states that while the total amount of energy remains constant, the amount of useful energy always decreases. Hence, things continually run down and do not build up; things move toward greater randomness, not toward greater complexity. This is precisely what is taking place in the natural world.

However, the theory of evolution requires that things must continually increase in complexity -- this is fundamental to the theory. While the second law of entropy always has everything running down, evolution has everything building up.

First Law of Entropy - No new energy is being created and has been at an optimum level from its beginning. However, evolution predicts that energy began at an i
nfinitesimal level.

Second Law of Entropy
- Useful energy is always decreasing. All things run down and do not build up. However, evolution predicts that useful energy must always be increasing.

It is significant to note that while the laws of entropy expose the unscientific nature of evolution, they firmly establish the basic foundation of Biblical creation.

1) Biblical creation presumes that at the beginning energy was at an optimum level. "In the beginning beginning God created..." Energy was a part of God's creation and like everything else, it began at an optimum level and not at any lesser, degenerate level.

2) Concurring with the second law of entropy, Biblical creation, by it's very nature, presumes that after the beginning all things would tend toward running down, not building up.