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The Church - Lesson 16

The Church in 25 Lessons

Jon Gary Williams

Lesson 16 - The Church: Evangelists

As a part of Christ's work in spreading the gospel to the world he set within it men who were identified as "evangelists." These men did not hold "official" positions within the local congregation, but were simply a part of the overall work of the church. It was their place to spread the gospel in whatever capacity was felt expedient. They are also spoken of as "preachers" or "ministers."

I. The meaning of the word "evangelist"
A. Evangelist is from the Greek term "euangelistes," meaning "a messenger of 

B. "eu" (well, good) + "angelos" (a messenger or angel) 

C. This was considered a specific work. (Eph. 4:11; Acts 21:8; II Tim. 4:5)
II. The work of an evangelist
A. Proclaiming Christ (Acts 8:5; 35) 

B. Baptizing penitent believers (Acts 8:12, 38)
C. Rightly dividing (handling aright) the word of truth (II Tim. 2:15)
D. Reproving, rebuking, exhorting (II Tim. 4:1,2)
E. Indoctrinating the church (Tit. 2:1,15)
F. Helping others to participate in spreading the gospel (II Tim. 2:2)
G. Giving himself fully to the Lord's work (I Tim. 4:13-16; II Tim. 2:3-5)
H. Protecting the church against false teachers (I Tim. 1:3; II Tim. 4:3-5) (cf. I Tim. 

I. Assisting the local church in organizing (Tit. 1:5)
J. Summary of the evangelist's work:
  1. Preach the word

  2. Guard the faith

  3. Be a good example 

III. Qualifications of an evangelist
A. I Tim. 5:22 (cf. II Tim. 1:3) ______________________________________

B. II Tim.2:22 ___________________________________________________

C. I Tim.4:12 ____________________________________________________

D. I Tim.4:13; II Tim.2:15 _________________________________________