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The Church - Lesson 22

The Church in 25 Lessons

Jon Gary Williams

Lesson 22 - The Church: Its Worship

Worship is a fundamental part of the church's existence, hence, those who make up the church are to offer up worship to God. Christians are to honor him with the reverence due him. His desire is for his people to give him honor with praise and adoration.

Christian worship involves several different things. These different aspects are to be done according to his will. Not just any kind of "worship" is acceptable to God. What does the New Testament teach about Christian worship?

I. The Lord's day - what is it?
A. It is not the Sabbath.
  1. The Sabbath is a part of the Old Testament law of Moses. (Deut. 5:15)
  2. The old law was nailed to the cross. (Eph. 2:15; Col. 2:14) 

B. The first day of the week is the Lord's day. (see Rev. 1:10) 

  1. It was the day of Christ's resurrection. (Jn. 20:1
  2. Two times Jesus met with his disciples on this day. (Jn. 20:19,26
  3. The Holy Spirit came and the church was established on this day. (Acts 2:1-4)
  4. Christians in New Testament times met on this day. (Acts 20:7; I Cor. 16:2)
II. Worship is to be in spirit and in truth
A. John 4:24 sets the standard for true worship - - in "spirit" and in "truth."

B. To worship in "spirit" means to worship with the right attitude.
  1. Christians are to worship with grace in their hearts. (Col. 3:16)
  2. Our worship is to be done with the spirit of understanding. (I Cor. 14:15) 

C. To worship in "truth" means to worship in the right way.
  1. Abusing worship is condemned. (I Cor. 11:17-34)
  2. Christian worship is not to be confusing, but decent and orderly. (I Cor. 14: 

  3. Worship that is the invention of men is condemned. (Matt. 15:7-9)
III. Worship must be consistent
A. Early Christians were "steadfast" in their worship. (Acts 2:42)
B. Forsaking the worship assembly was condemned. (Heb. 10:25) 

IV. Of what did the worship of early Christians consist?

A. The Lord's supper. Acts 20:7 ("come together" - I Cor. 11:18,20,33,34)
B. Singing. (Eph. 5:19; Col. 3:16)

C. Prayer. (Acts 2:42; I Cor. 14:15
D. Teaching. (Acts 20:7)

E. Giving. (I Cor. 16:1,2; II Cor. 9:6,7) ("fellowship" Act 2:42)