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Article 53 - Outline of Revelation

Outline of Revelation

Jon Gary Williams

I. Introduction -- the process of the Revelation (1:1-3)

II. Salutation of John and Jesus (1:4-8)

III. John's call to prophesy (1:9-20)

IV. Specific messages to the seven churches (2:1 - 3:22)
[Note: It is here that the symbolic visions of Revelation begin. They are divided into two groups. It seems that the second group is parallel with the first, using a different set of symbols, becoming more extended and intense.]
V. The first group of visions (4:1 - 11:19)
A. The heavenly court -- the glory of God and the Lamb (4:1 - 5:14)

B. The opening of the seven seals -- judgment on sin (6:1; resuming at 8:1)

C. The interlude -- the vast number of spiritual Israel (7:1-17)

D. The seven angels with trumpets -- visions of conflict and God's call to
repentance (8:1 - 11:19)
VI. The second group of visions (12:1 - 22:5)
A. The woman with child -- Christ's church (12:1-2)

B. The great red dragon -- Satan, the enemy of peace (12:3-6)

C. The war in heaven -- Satan persecutes God's people (12:7-17)

D. The first beast -- the power of Rome, persecution of the saints (13:1-10)

E. The second beast -- the corrupt Roman emperor and the agents of the
dragon (Satan) (13:11-18)

F. The visions of Mt. Zion -- the fall of Babylon (Jerusalem) and assurance
for God's people (14:1-20)

G. The seven last plagues -- security amid turmoil (15:1 - 16:21)

H. Visions of the fall of Babylon -- the great harlot (Jerusalem) (17:1-18)

I. The final proclamation -- doom of Babylon (Jerusalem) (18:1-24)

J. The vision of overcoming -- celebration of victory (19:1-21)

K. The binding of Satan -- the reign of the saints with Jesus (20:1-15)

L. The decent of the new Jerusalem -- new heaven and new earth (21:1-27)

M. The bountifulness of spiritual blessings -- spiritual Jerusalem (22:1-5)
VII. Conclusion
A. Confirmation of the apocalypse (22:6-16)

B. Heaven's invitation and God's final warning (22:17-21)