Marriage in the Minority   In August, the U

Marriage in the Minority
In August, the U.S. Census Bureau released the findings of their 2005 surveys regarding the population of the United States.  The Bureau reports that married households are no longer the majority in the United States.  According to these findings, 55.8 million American family households (50.2 percent) have no foundation in marriage.
Of the family households that did not involve marriage, 14 million were headed by single women, 5 million by single men, and 36.7 million are described as "nonfamily households," which includes includes heterosexual, unmarried couples, and homosexual persons.  Single men and women who live alone are not considered as family households.
This is the first time in the nation's history that married households have not been in the majority.  The spiritual ramifications of this are profound.  The basic building block of human society is marriage as God has ordained it.  However, the institution of marriage has eroded to the point in the United States that the majority of all American households are lacking the most fundamental element.  The foundation is crumbling beneath us, and when it falls, the whole structure will fall with it.
Stacey E. Durham

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