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Concord Church of Christ

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Dear Fellow Christians,

The minster of our small congregation died April 11, 2013 leaving us with a problem of leadership and survival. Currently, two ministers from North Carolina take turns preaching for the congregation.  However a full time minister is needed.

The purpose of this letter is to inform our fellow Christians of the possible demise of the Lord's church in Stuart, Virginia if nothing is done.  We request your help in securing funds to support a full time preacher since we are too small to support a preacher. We believe the congregation cannot survive without eventually obtaining a full time preacher. Should this congregation fold, we will need to resume the thirty mile travel to other congregations, which several of us did for several years.

Due to the recent deaths of four male members, including a founding member in January, 2013 and our volunteer minster, (April 2013),  the membership is down below 15 with only two elderly men, (ages 84, 72) capable of leadership roles. Louis Knight, our volunteer minster passed away April 11, 2013 due to lung cancer.  Louis was instrumental in starting the congregation, after retiring from the military and moving back to Patrick county where he grew up.

The church building is located near Stuart, VA in Patrick County, a county of about 18,000 in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The building, constructed in 2005, is a modest, modern, fully owned facility. It seats 75-80, has two classrooms, nursery, communion preparation room, baptism preparation room, office and utility room. (See Web page for picture)

We need your help to ensure the Lord's work that has been started here continues after the current leaders are no longer able to lead or have gone to be with the Lord. You can help assisting us in finding a preacher with his support or committing to some level of monthly preacher funding. We are contacting mission minded congregation and asking them to consider supporting a preacher.  Current members contributions are unable to fund monthly salary for a full time preacher.

Our core beliefs are stated under the "Purpose" link.

Thank you for your consideration and prayers.

Sam Foley, 276-694-2397 / Wayne Butler, 276-694-2738, home, 276-694-3530, office


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